Solar Eclipse October 25, 2022: How it will affect you at work and in your relationships

Solar eclipse It is an extraordinary astronomical phenomenon. Hopefully we have clear skies without too many clouds to be able to enjoy (still safely) this astronomical event.

The Solar Eclipse of October 25, 2022 It will allow us to witness one of the most spectacular astronomical events of the year. This eclipse is one of three visible eclipses that we will have throughout this year.

When will the solar eclipse occur in 2022?

will it be October 25, 2022. To see it in all its glory, you’d have to travel to Durango or Torreón, Mexico, if you’re looking to partially photograph it. In these entities you can expect to see this phenomenon between 1:10 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. However, it will be a Annular eclipse in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Is it possible to see the solar eclipse directly?

No. It should be remembered that eclipses they can never look at each other directlyOtherwise, there is a risk of serious eye damage. The advice is always to wear specialized glasses, see it reflected in a water surface (like a puddle) or, if you prefer a more scientific approach, you can connect to the Virtual Telescope platform, which will follow it live.

How Does the Solar Eclipse Affect You?

In case you want to approach this phenomenon from the horoscopewe remind you that this The solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse in Scorpio. It’s a powerful moment that will impact every sign of the zodiac to a greater or lesser extent. being those of scorpio sign those who should benefit from the energy that this movement will generate.

Recommendation from star experts suggests that now is a good time to close cycles, cut relationships that don’t fit you, and heal self-sabotaging patterns that don’t allow you to move forward.

How does the solar eclipse affect work?

When it comes to the work environment, starting new projects and closing unproductive associations, ideally you will reconnect with goals, people and activities that you left behind some time ago, but which continue to arouse curiosity and genuine interest in you. Maybe behind that co-worker from there are 2 jobs, in the macrame project you put aside, you can find a new job opportunity that feels fresh and renewed, because you’ve already managed to overcome old patterns.

What will be the next Eclipse in 2022?

The next eclipse will be on November 8, 2022: It will be a Full Moon total eclipse in Taurus. An ideal date to start working on changes that require more stability and certainty in oneself.

When will the next solar eclipse occur?

To see another similar to this one, we will have to wait another four years: the next one will be total and will take place on August 12, 2026.

What is the connection between the solar eclipse and design?

In the meantime, we could go from the cosmos to the bedside table. Like every day there could be an eclipse in your room with the night lamp (or wall lamp) designed by Vico Magistretti in 1965 for Artemide. This designer says that the owner of the company where he worked, Ernesto Gismondi, told him to “think of a lamp with which it would be pleasant to make love”. However, the creation is perfect for everything, even reading a book. The inspiration came from the motions of stars, satellites and planets as they overlap.


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