Checo Pérez inspires the Checolaquiles; company dedicated to Formula 1

The best competitors have their own dish that unites Mexican cuisine and the names of the pilots.

On the menu of the restaurant, from hot dogs to wires.

The company located in the State of Mexico is called Velocity Racing Team.

The Mexican pilot who races in the Formula 1, Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez It is not only an inspiration for young people who want to venture into this speed sport, but also for all Mexicans, as is the case of the Mexican woman behind the food company “Velocity Racing Team”.

The woman Valeria Martínez has gone viral on social networks, thanks to the particular names of Mexican dishes, such as the ‘Checolaquiles‘ Well, like that, all the names of the dishes he prepares are inspired by the ‘Grand Cirque’.

In an interview with international media, the woman explained that Checo Pérez inspired her to never give up and pursue her food projectwho hopes one day not only to be successful, but also to have several branches and up to Czech go to your local.

According to Valerie, his fanaticism for F1 began in 2015, when after 23 years of absence, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez returned to welcome racers and motorsport single-seaters. After that, he realized that in the State of Mexico, there was not a single place where you could eat and watch F1, unlike places where you practice other sports.

However it was not until 2021 that he began to devote himself entirely to achieving his dream, which only took him 15 days to make, drawing inspiration from the names of runners for his dishes. The ‘Checolaquites’ were born from the idea of ​​mixing a Mexican dish appreciated all over the world and the Aztec racer.

“At the end of the day, all Mexicans love chilaquiles and they are tasty, like the nickname of Czech, ‘The tasty old man’, so that’s practically why I decided to put the ‘Checolaquiles’which are prepared in the form of a single-seater type, which in the end it is the most that differentiates them from normal chilaquiles”counted Valeria Martínez.

Checo Pérez inspired a woman to start a business

However, the entrepreneur thought of everything, as she combined the plaques with the names of the other riders, including partner Checo Pérez, Max Verstappen of the Red Bull team, with the Maxchiladas or the BurriStroll inspired by the racer Lance Stroll of the Aston Martin teamwhich is one of the most requested.

“More than anything I wanted to make an impact for it to be Formula 1, to get attention and it was that I decided on the advice of my family that they started telling me to put the saucers in there. pilots honor yesI felt a great emotion that went viral, that it was shared and that we were listed as the fourth place that sees and characterizes Formula 1added the viral entrepreneur.

However, that’s not all because Valeria Martínez also explained that as part of the Mexican GP her company will organize raffles for everyone who goes to see the race there, in addition to the fact that if Checo wins , all customers will enjoy discounts. Velocity Racing is located at La Acocila 31, La Concepción, 54900 Tultitlán de Mariano Escobedo.

Checo Pérez inspired a woman to start a business


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