Cultura Coahuila pays tribute to two tireless cultural promoters

Saltillo, Coahuila of Zaragoza; October 29, 2022.- The Secretary of Culture of Coahuila, within the framework of the State Meeting of Crafts and Traditional Cuisine in the Magical City of Parras, paid a vibrant tribute to two tireless promoters of the intangible cultural heritage of the State and the north of the Republic who died this year.

They are Maestro Jesús Salas Cortés, promoter of the regional gastronomy of Saltillo, and Don Fidel Elizalde García, interpreter of the Cardenche song, who have been faithful defenders and representatives of the traditions that are now part of our intangible heritage.

During this tribute, the Secretary of Culture of the State, Ana Sofía García Camil, said: “Paying homage to these tireless promoters of the cultural traditions of our State is extremely important, because with this we remember and continue to keep their legacy alive. “

“Don Fidel and ‘Chuy’ Salas were present at the Cervantino International Festival representing Coahuila in 2021, and they left an indelible memory during their stay there, considered the most important in Latin America, promoting the traditional gastronomy of Coahuila (in the case of Chuy Salas) and the melancholic Canto Cardenche (in the case of Don Fidel)”, underlined García Camil.

On behalf of the traditional cooks, Mrs. Rosalba Alanís, a traditional cook from Arteaga, after reading the portrait of “Chuy” Salas, said that she was always very close and that together they carried out great projects to promote the traditional cuisine of Coahuila.

She also recalled that “Chuy”, as the cooks affectionately called her, was always inventing new ways to promote traditional cuisine, which is why she created festivals like the Enchilada, was a fundamental part of the meeting of the cooks. traditional and wrote books such as “Saltillo of my flavors.

For his part, Juan Francisco Cázares Ugarte, cultural promoter in the area of ​​rescue and dissemination of popular cultures in the Northeast of Chanson Cardenche and friend of Don Fidel, with whom he worked tirelessly in the promotion, rescue and at the broadcast of the Cardenche Song, spoke about the life of don Fidel, saying that he began his walk with the cardencheros irregularly, because at the beginning he replaced one of the members of the group when he fell sick or could not be at the presentations, and so with the passage of time he fully joins “Los Cardencheros de La Laguna”.

With his voice broken by emotion, “Paco” Cázares recalled that his friend Fidel was a mason, and that with his voice he came to great stages in France, the United States and the Mexican Republic, taking the Cardenche song in unimaginable places. .

“He was an example of love for the culture of his people. Traditions, culture, always open up new paths for you and allow you to transcend beyond your own life. Our job is to preserve and disseminate this legacy that Fidel left us.

JESÚS ALBERTO SALAS CORTES (Saltillo, Coahuila 1984 -2022).- Graduated in Communication and Master in Promotion and Cultural Development from the Autonomous University of Coahuila, with the project “Flavours of the Desert; the pre-Hispanic food of Saltillo”, towards a promotion of regional gastronomy.

He was delegate of the State of Coahuila to the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture; Since 2015 he has done an excellent job of spreading the traditional gastronomy of the state, with various groups of traditional cooks from the magical towns of Arteaga and Viesca.

In 2019, together with the Secretary of Culture of Coahuila, he participated in the creation of the National Assembly of Traditional Cuisine of Coahuila.

Author of the books “Oh good Man”, Spanish edition (2014); “Oh Good Man, the legacy of Patrick Quinn”, English-Spanish edition (2015), and “Saltillo of my flavors; notes on traditional cuisine” (2017) and director of documentaries: “For the sarapes, mine” (2008), The Battle of Angostura (2009), Mr. Carranza, life and work of the man of Cuatro Ciénegas ( 2010)”.

His book “Saltillo de mis flavors” can be found online on the website of the Coahuila Culture Secretariat.

FIDEL ELIZALDE GARCIA (Sapioriz, Durango 1944-2022)

A mason and peasant by trade, Don Fidel belonged to a family of peasants from Ejido Sapioriz, in the municipality of Lerdo, Durango.

In 2008, he received the National Science and Arts Prize in the Popular Traditions category.

He has performed at cultural festivals in various cities in Mexico, New York and Washington, USA, and Paris, France.

He recorded several albums with Los Cardencheros; He was part of the research team of the Directorate of Popular Cultures and other cultural institutions that compile the Cardenche Songbook, and saved the Pastorela Acardenchada, always specifying, with his unique voice together with those of his companions, his peasant origin from Sapioriz.

Don Fidel and Los Cardencheros have worked to make this song known to a wider audience, which comes from the end of the 19th century and which is believed to have originated with the day laborers of the Sapioriz haciendas themselves and of the ejidos such as Jimulco and La Flor de Jimulco, in Durango, and having no instruments, they imitated them with their voices.

Don Fidel’s memory and song have been printed in the documentary “Dying in the Deserts”, by Catalan director Marta Ferrer, in record productions and countless interviews.

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