The-List of what you need to know

The german shepherd dogs They are often some of the favorite family pets, although they can also be seen working in search and rescue, as well as security.

His temperament, as well as his abilities, allow him to be a versatile animal. However, before adding one to the family, certain considerations must be taken in order to provide care and a decent life.

The list spoke to him Dr. Carlos Fernando Esquivel Lacroixdirector general of the Mexico Animal Protection Agency (AGATAN), to find out what you need to know before getting a German Shepherd dog.

If you’re thinking of getting one, here it is. The list of what you need to know.

How is his character?

The expert describes the German Shepherd Dog as an “extremely versatile” animal, a breed that was originally used in Germany for herding.

“He’s so versatile in his temperament that he’s used for a lot of things, he’s always used for grazing, but he’s also used for guard and protection, also as pets, used for search and rescue, narcotics detection, explosives detectionthat is to say, it is a very versatile breed,” he explains.

German Shepherd Care

“Any animal that is in the family environment must be under supervision of the veterinarian to detect any type of problem which is generated throughout its life”, explains the expert.

In this sense, some recommendations are:

  • Buy or adopt an animal in legally established places, with prestige, no clandestine sale.
  • It is important to have the consensus of all family members to integrate a new member into their family environment.
  • “One thing is the animal you want and another is the animal you need,” says Esquivel. It is necessary to do a self-analysis of the family to see where they live, the type of property, whether there are elderly people or not, whether there are minors, whether there are curtains or chairs, what is the space available for the animal, and what is the bag of economic resources to face any eventuality or what the animal needs (dishes, drinkers, veterinary service, human resources to walk it, timetables ).
German Shepherd dogs are characterized by their versatility. Photo: Adam Kontor at Pexels.

What diseases can German Shepherd dogs have?

It is a breed that presents diseases associated with their geneticsFor example, one of the most common is hip dysplasia or pancreatitis, as well as elbow dysplasia. They have other diseases associated with pure genetics.

In this case, the timely detection of diseases is important, therefore it is recommended from the age of six months to diagnose hip dysplasia. Likewise, it is advisable to take the puppy to the vet at least once a yearexplains Esquivel Lacroix.

How should your diet be?

A recommended balanced mealspecially designed for dogs and according to the age of the animal.

However, it is the veterinarian who, by calculating the metabolic weight of the sample and the number of kilocalories he must consume per day, determines the quantity to be administered.

How Long Do German Shepherd Dogs Live?

They can live from 8 to 9 years to 15 years or more. “It depends on the quality of life that the family gives him, if the state of health has been good and his nutrition is adequate, that his level of exercise and socialization is correct, obviously it lengthens the life expectancy “, said the CEO of AGATAN.

How Much Exercise Should a German Shepherd Get?

At least half an hour a day. However, there are dogs (regardless of breed) whose physical strength or temperament are much more active, which means that they need, not only in terms of time, but also in terms of the type of exercise , more physical activity.

Maybe with a German Shepherd you will jump over obstacles or run“says Esquivel Lacroix. Exercise routines depend on the animal’s physical condition, temperament, agility and energy.

German Shepherd: the list of what you need to know - german-shepherd-dogs
Physical activity depends on the animal’s energy. Photo: Jozef Feher at Pexels.

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