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The federal government will continue to improve the health system at the national level with better equipment and a better supply of medicines, coupled with free treatment for those who do not have a medical care service.

This was announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his visit to the Navojoa region to oversee the development of the Health-IMSS-Wellness Plan in Sonora, where he was accompanied by state and federal health sector authorities. .

During his speech, the Federal President said that there are already six states where measures have been taken to remedy the shortcomings that existed, so in Sonora they will continue to reorganize so that more people can access them.

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“My commitment is to improve health services in the country, just like the best countries in the world have done, it is a very big challenge, but we will do it,” he said.

In this sense, he added that there is a sufficient budget to do so in terms of equipment and the supply of medicines, leaving aside corruption in addition to the basification of medical personnel.

Por su parte, el director general del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Zoé Robledo added that in Sonora there is a diagnosis to improve the conditions of the hospitals, in order to cumplir con el equipamiento, abasto de medicamento y sobre todo con el personal sufficient.

“We found terrible stories with hospitals without equipment and areas that served as warehouses, so we sought to change the situation,” he said.

The federal official said that the review and support has already been carried out in 223 first-level units that are going to be transferred, of which 100 have already been transferred in 2021, 50 this year and the rest are planned for 2023.

He recalled that 15 IMSS hospitals have undergone complete rehabilitation with an investment of 732 million pesos in terms of infrastructure and equipment.

Robledo pointed out that the model applied in Sonora and other parts of the country is free for those who do not have a social security system, which they will continue to strengthen in all hospitals:

“What we are doing in Navojoa is strengthening the current hospital and planning a new one, where the citizens’ committee will be installed on November 7 to give it the necessary follow-up.”

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In the case of medicine supply, we are looking to continue to improve the keys of each, because it has increased from 61% to 94% in Sonora, this is a very significant progress in more than 105,000 pieces of medicine different.

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