‘My Encounter with Evil’ a Mexican horror production is coming to Netflix

Filmmaker Carlos Meléndez presents “My encounter with evil” on the platform of diffusion netflix, with whom he had the pleasure of working for the first time thanks to this project, marking it as the first horror series created in Latin America for the platform, which tells the story of three women who have faced evil; From their own voices, we will learn horrific real-life accounts of possessions, infestations, and exorcisms.

In an interview, the Mexican filmmaker revealed, “These are cases of demonic possession and exorcisms in which, on the one hand, the whole documentary part is told in which the veracity of the facts is verified and the victims tell of their experience with evil and, on the other hand, it was the challenge to dramatize, we tried to create it in a way that took the viewer into a terrifying experience, I’m a fan of the genre and to be able to mix documentary with fiction was amazing”, said Carlos Melendez.


It should be noted that the series consists of four chapters in total where we seek to resolve the origin or where evil comes from, likewise, the filmmaker has devoted his entire life to the fantasy genre and describes it as “Facing fear or living with fear makes you braver”. The series was recorded in Colombia but the interviews were recorded in Mexico and Carlos assures that after seeing the first episode they will not be able to sleep, “It’s realizing that these are real cases and people telling you that even though some events are dramatized, you see real images with the real voices of the people to whom it happened,” said.

Finally, the filmmaker revealed what message this project left him, “I put together the story of Florencia, I always thought about it a lot on the side of realizing admitting when you make a bad decision is realizing how suddenly you make decisions in your life and being so stubborn that you are doing the right thing that an entity enters to show you that you are not as strong as you think” And followed “The other is that if you manage to get up and if you manage to defeat this entity you come out stronger, it is to give you permission to break, to break to realize that you are taking a wrong path.”


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