Media production companies fail to find sports stars ready to star in new documentaries

In recent years the sports documentaries were one of large seams for streaming platforms. The millions of fans who follow the stars of football, basketball and other disciplines have given millions of viewers stories about the most well-known media icons.

However, as Confidential Digital has now learned, the genre is running out. Although it continues to be very successful and audiovisual companies continue to demand this type of content, there are fewer and fewer stories to tell. The producers are alarmed by the reluctance they are beginning to find on the part of the protagonists.

Athletes who refuse to come out on camera

One of the sports stars who was recently convinced to bring one of these projects to life is Carles Puyol. But he said no. Industry sources confirm that the former FC Barcelona defender has rejected the possibility of filming a documentary about his life, arguing that “Does not want to expose his private life”.

These same arguments are those advanced by the star point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ricky Rubio. As ECD had already said at the time, the NBA player has no problem accepting interviews that last up to two hours, but he does not like to be followed by cameras for days, because is “very jealous” of his private life.

There are other big stars, like Rafael Nadal that, although they have participated in an audiovisual project (like the one that has already been broadcast on Amazon Prime about their academy), they prefer Tell his story firsthand when they retire.

Reports organized by the protagonists

Another challenge faced by companies that specialize in producing stories about sports executives is that they face internal competition. That is to say, the very agency that represents the protagonist is the one that records and promotes documentaries telling the stories of their representatives.

The YouFirst SPORTS agency is the main promoter of this trend. In recent months he has recorded with the synchronized swimmer Ona Carbonell her routine to return to competition after being a mother. The format was acquired by Rakuten TV.

Additionally, Amazon Prime viewers got to see firsthand the evolution of women’s football through the eyes of the two-time Ballon d’Or winner, Alexia Putellas.

This company gave a great weight to its contents, which allow you to give greater visibility to your players. So much so that they have been working alongside content managers and managers specializing in this subject, integrated into the structure of the company, for more than a year.

Players like Pau Gasol and Diego Pablo Simeone, who have room in AmazonPrime. This type of top notch stars were convinced to participate, assuring that they could show your vision through a product that millions of people would see.

booming genre

In recent years, most of the streaming platforms in the world have opted for reports and documentaries on the figures of all sports.

Netflix chose to reveal the inside of argentina football team of Leo Messi who won the Copa América, for telling the secrets behind the signing of Luis Figo by the real madrid and paid tribute to the usa team basketball player who won gold at the 2008 Olympics.

hbo-max, for its part, also has several bets of this type in its grid. Among them is the story of Jesus Gil‘The Pioneer’, the narration of this it happened to the hacker who leaked all the information of ‘Football Leaks’ and the explanation of how sport ended in March 2020 as a result of the coronavirus, with the effects derived from this suspension. In addition, there is also room for fiction, such as the series on the Lakers by Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Until Disney+, which has already added sports documentaries historically recorded by ESPN this year, was encouraged to create content for this profile. For example, it will premiere on November 9 a series in which David Beckham help a grassroots football team from a league he played in as a child in London to save themselves from relegation. Another example is in Formula 1. Actor Keanu Reeves, world famous for the John Wick films, is the presenter of this new premiere.

Amazon Prime and Movistar Plus+ They also have products of this type, such as a docuseries by Marc Márquez or a report of the confrontation of the players of the Spanish women’s football team against their coach.

DAZNthe sports streaming platform, also wants to bet on new documentaries related to big sports stars. The first one they published is the story of footballer Ronaldo Nazario.


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