Senate authorizes Sector y Salud to promote medical tourism in Mexico

The Senate approved a reform which seeks to promote the call “Medical Tourism” in the country through the establishment of programs, guidelines, criteria and quality standards to promote the arrival of foreign visitors seeking various forms of Health care.

The reform of Article 7 of the General Tourism Law, which was unanimously approved and transmitted to the Federal Executive, establishes that the Ministry of Tourism will collaborate with the Ministry of Health in the establishment of programs , guidelines, criteria and standards concerning quality in the provision of medical services in the Medical and Health Tourism industry, as well as, celebrating agreements or any other act tending to the promotion and development of Medical and Health Tourism.

However, in a transitional article, it emphasizes that the disbursements generated by the entry into force of this decree will be covered by the budget authorized in Secretary of TourismConsequently, no extension of its budget will be authorized for this financial year or the following ones due to the entry into force of this decree.

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It is argued that “our country has the unrivaled competitive advantage of having as neighbors the major emitters of medical tourism in the world (the United States and Canada). Therefore, thanks to this important factor, great progress has been made in the field of health.

Since then, we are not only recognized for offering dental services or cosmetic surgeries in border towns. Otherwise, Mexico has managed to position itself in the Global Center for Quality Healthcare.

Californians and Texans, the most recurrent foreign patients

According to what was pointed out by Patients Beyond Borders2, Mexico attracts from 200,000 to more than one million foreign patients per year, of which they come mainly from the states of California, Arizona and Texas. However, patients from Canada and the UK are strongly attracted to our region due to the no waiting time compared to its overstretched public health services.

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Most recurrent medical care

In this agreement, according to information from the Mexican Council of the Medical Tourism Industry (CMITM), the medical care The most recurrent are heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, organ and tissue transplants, in addition to dental treatments, where Mexico appears to be the first recipient of foreign patients for treatments of this type.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, another of the specialties that has experienced remarkable growth is that of plastic surgery, since Mexico is between five countries in the world with the highest demand in this type of medical attention, with ample possibilities of becoming the first power.

With information from Victor Gamboa

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