Laura G falls in love with fishnet tights

Less is more when you think of an outfit. That’s what the public told Laura G after wearing a black dress she looked fabulous in.

The 37-year-old driver, born June 28, 1985 in Monterrey, is in the sights of public opinion at all times and numerous scandals have marked her career.

María Sonia Laura González Martínez, real name, shares with her followers her days of exercise, her looks and the pranks of her two children: Lucio and Lisa, born from her marriage to Nazareno Pérez Brancato, to whom she has been married since 2016.

Laura G.who also participated in the last edition of La Academia, and generally generates positive and negative comments on social networks.

In this case, she wore a black garment from the firm Zara, accompanied by network tights who fell in love with his followers.

“Simple color, the colors are in you, smile, attitude, bearing, cool, what more could you ask for”, “More beautiful every day and these outfits make you look spectacular”, “We love your outfits”, “How beautiful Laura! What a beautiful dress”, “So much simpler you are better”, “Beautiful in fishnet tights”, commented on her followers.

Will Laura G leave Venga la Alegría?

The presenter, who studied at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, always tries to look spectacular.

It turned out that Laura G, who joined TE Azteca in 2018, would be the next to leave Venga La Alegría, after the driver left. Guillaume Valdes.

On the channel ‘Noticias Francas TV’ they filtered the salaries received by all the drivers of ‘come joy‘, Sergio Sepúlveda has a salary of 350 thousand pesos per month and Laura G would receive the amount of 300 thousand pesos per month.

According to this information, the hosts of the morning show “Venga la Alegría” have the highest salaries within the Ajusco television channel.

Laura G herself said that if she had to leave, fortunately she had other jobs, but to date she has not been informed that she will leave, journalist Ana María Alvarado told the Price of Fame show.

She also said that Laura G told her that from November 16 to 20 she was going on vacation with her husband, so she would not be at Venga La Alegría on those days.

Laura G dares fishnet tights and falls in love with her followers


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