purchased for 340 million and currently worth 4,450

On the same day, we learned that they would face the real Madrid in the eighths of Championsthe explosive news broke that the liverpool was offered for sale by Fenway Sports Group, an American group that bought the club 12 years ago for around 340 million euros. Although the amount for which the group would start negotiating said sale has not been disclosed, the deal will be round for a club which is currently valued, according to Forbes, at more than 4,450 million euros.

And it is that during these last 12 years where FSG was in charge of the English team, the liverpool has experienced notable international growth, not only economic but also sporting. Since the arrival of the American group in 2010, which also manages other clubs such as the Major League Baseball’s Red Sox or the Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey, there have been many millionaire sales that have taken place. The management of this club has been to sell first in order to then be able to buy great players. The highest sale of Anfield in history, but also in this decade at the head of the Americans was that of Coutinho to Barcelona in 2018 for 135 million euros, the second was the Luis Suarez also to the azulgrana team for around 80 million euros and the third that of Sterling to Manchester City for 64 million euros.

With other sales, and with the arrival of Jurgen Klopp in 2015, the team grew on a sporting level. The successes achieved have given the club greater financial capacity to undertake major signings such as Van Dijk for 85 million euros, that of Darwin Nunez for another 80 million this summer or that of Allison in 2018 for more than 60 million euros from Roma.

successes reaped

Since the arrival of FSG to liverpool in 2010, the English club managed to win the fourth Champions League in its history after 14 years of drought, the first premier league in 30 years, a FA Cup and an Ligue’s cup. On the other hand, several reforms have also been carried out in the stadium. All of these achievements have put him at the pinnacle of English football, in recent years competing head-to-head with the Man City.

With all this, the magazine Forbes attributes to liverpool worth $4,450 million, making it the fourth most valuable club in the world, after Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United. On the other hand, according to the audit company Deloitte, the English team achieved a turnover of 557 million euros last year, the seventh highest in Europe.

“There have been several changes of owners and rumors in the premier league and we are often asked Fenway and Liverpool. We regularly receive interest from third parties wishing to become shareholders of the Liverpool. FSG have always said that, given the right conditions, we would consider new shareholders if it was in Liverpool’s interest. FSG is fully committed to the success of Liverpool, both on and off the pitch.” FSG a “Athleticism”, media that made the news progress.

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