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The mayor of San Juan, Miguel A. Romero Lugo, and the administrator of the Public Housing Administration (AVP), Alejandro Salgado Colón, signed a collaboration agreement to expand the education and culture program called Escuadrón del Arte to more social housing complexes in the capital.

Through the Art Squad, the city government of San Juan organizes workshops in creative disciplines in public housing so that children 12 and older can benefit from acting, singing and dancing lessons, including including the bomba. The workshops are led by fine arts teachers from the Municipality of San Juan, attached to its Department of Art and Culture, and once the participant completes the course, they receive a certification.

With this agreement, valid until December 31, 2024, a new cycle of the Art Squad begins, with which it seeks to impact children and adolescents in the Capital, during the semesters from January to May and from August to December. . . The workshops are offered Monday through Friday, after school hours, in the community centers of the PRPHA complexes and the administration of the municipality of San Juan is responsible for expenses, coordination of equipment and spaces, so that participants do not pay for the services they receive.

The fine arts project is part of the public policy promoted by Romero Lugo to promote the love of their culture among children, adolescents and young people of San Juan, to raise awareness of it, as well as to learn and develop their skills. artistic and leadership.

“Our communities are brimming with talent and the lack of economic resources cannot be a barrier to every child’s access to a comprehensive arts and culture education. The Art Squad program in its pilot project phase has demonstrated this, which is why we now hope that more children and young people will benefit from it. Art in all its manifestations is essential for the development of the human being and, as studies have shown, it is particularly important for the formation in the first stages of life. Because art learning is stimulated, motor skills are developed, tools are provided for them to express their feelings, learn skills and build support networks, as well as positive influences for their adult life, s ’empower them, get them out of the house and the streets,’ said Romero Lugo, who thanked the public housing administrator for supporting the initiative.

For his part, Salgado Colón highlighted the importance of this effort as an instrument to improve the quality of life in social housing projects in the capital, where the largest residential complexes in Puerto Rico are located, and to promote children and youth development activities and staff, as well as their families.

“The community impact that this project has achieved in its pilot phase is extraordinary, through art a positive change is made in the lives of our children and young people which has a direct impact on the environment of their communities. and their families.These are experiences that expose them to new experiences and work that allows them to learn about themselves, to make decisions, to have hopes, goals and dreams in life. In addition, it involves the whole community, as community leaders, resident services staff and complex administrators are integrated into the project to achieve the established objectives,” said the social housing administrator.

Public housing complexes where the Escuadrón del Arte program will be developed

The Art Squad pilot project began in March 2022 at Las Casas, Villa España, Alejandrino and San Martín residences, reaching around 60 children and young people. In the long term, the goal is to impact all residential developments in San Juan.

Romero Lugo pointed out that the project is in charge of the director of the Department of Art and Culture of San Juan, the community leader, producer and cultural manager Antonio Morales, who is a product of the residential complex Luis Llorens Torres.

Children, young people, parents and guardians interested in learning more about the Art Squadron and registering can access the official portal or contact the management agent of their housing complex directly.

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