Commitment to sport as a school of values

Strength, honesty, effort, humility, team spirit, desire to excel, fair play… these are some of the values ​​with which he was born 68 years ago. Good fooda company that has succeeded in obtaining its foods are the most consumed by Spanish householdssince they are present in eight out of ten cases.

Behaviors such as going on the offensive, having confidence, being able to work or running away from complacency are the cornerstone of this company’s philosophy, leader in the food sector in Europe.

It is this way of being avant-garde that has motivated ElPozo Alimentación support sport in all its categories. Currently, the newly proclaimed world number 1 in tennis, Carlos Alcarazis its brand ambassador, given the level of coincidence between the two in their ways of approaching development and excellence.

For ElPozo Alimentación, the sports practice represents principles consistent with its mission and vision: sacrifice, discipline, commitment, commitment, camaraderie and surpassing oneself.

The image of the young tennis player, who has just made history by becoming the world’s first tennis racket at 19is leaked across a variety of media, from the company’s trailers plying European roads to its power solutions.

The business started over 30 years of sports betting with the creation of futsal team ElPozo Murcia, who play in the first division, and are one of the few Spanish teams who have representation in all basic categories. With this extensive patronage, it not only supports elite sports, but also sports activities among the smallest.

Paralympic team

Likewise, ElPozo Alimentación is official sponsor of the Spanish Paralympic teamthrough the ADO Paralympic Plan (ADOP)in order to help athletes prepare for the Paralympic cycle which will culminate with the celebration of the next Games in the city of Paris in 2024.

ElPozo Alimentación is a company socially committed to disabilitywhich includes in its social responsibility plans and strategies actions aimed at promoting the professional integration of this group.

The agrifood company has also strengthened its commitment to women’s football by renewing, for the fourth consecutive year, the collaboration agreement main sponsor of the Alhama Club ELPOZO teamrecently promoted LPFF Women’s First Division.

Alhama ElPozo FC, one of the teams sponsored by the company THE WELL

The food company supports the “Warriors” team, which marked the history of Murcian football. During the 2022-2023 season, the players of the Alhama Club de Fútbol ELPOZO, led by Randri García, wear the marks on their sportswear The well Yes good star. ElPozo Alimentación is also a sponsor of the club’s women’s teams in categories B, C and D, made up of players between the ages of 6 and 18.

The practice of sport represents principles that are part of the company’s mission and vision: sacrifice, discipline, commitment, effort, camaraderie and surpassing oneself.

Illusion, effort and passion are the words that best correspond to their players. Also work, sacrifice and dedication, perseverance and, above all, his great camaraderie, having become an example for many young people aspiring to follow this path.

Their Bet on women’s sports complete with your support for the Women’s cycling event CERATIZIT Challenge by La Vuelta 22within La Vuelta a España.

That’s it main sponsor of La Vuelta a España, one of the sporting events with the most impact internationally since it is broadcast in more than 190 countries and has a cumulative audience of more than 360 million people. This commitment has earned her recognition by the organization of La Vuelta a España with distinction for her support for grassroots and female sport by promoting the practice of sport at its various levels and categories.

Departure time of ‘La Vuelta’ from ElPozo THE WELL

East a firm commitment to professional and grassroots sport is completed by promotion of physical activity among its more than 5,300 workers. This policy served to be recognized as European Society for Sport and Healthwhich allowed it to become the first European food organization to win this award promoted by ACES Europe and the International Organization of Human Capital Managers DCH, promoted by the European Parliament.

The company has achieved this recognition thanks to a wide offer that includes a sports hall, basketball courts and a covered pavilion, designed for the practice of futsal and other sports, such as table tennis.

Likewise, the title recognizes the commitment of ElPozo Alimentación for the workplace health promotionthrough initiatives such as the Joint Health Schoolthe nap roomthe vaccination campaigns Yes blood donationThe healthy menus vague medical care available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To complete your list of referrals. ElPozo Alimentación also gave its Support for the Spanish football teamto Portuguese futsal team Os Belenenses forks sponsor of the Tbilisi futsal club in Georgia.

From a local perspective, the company is Official sponsor of the Spanish and European Motocross Championships which are held in the municipality of Alhama de Murcia, where its headquarters are located.

ElPozo, main sponsor of La Vuelta THE WELL

Healthy living and environment

His commitment to sport is complemented by his effort to prepare foods that, in addition to their nutritional value, provide specific health benefitsas part of a balanced diet.

The foods made by ElPozo Alimentación are particularly beneficial for physical exercise due to their high protein content, which favors the increase and preservation of muscle mass.

In this line, ElPozo Alimentación is part of the Map of Havisaa campaign to promote healthy lifestyleshand in hand with the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, the Alimentum Foundation and the Ministry of Health.

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