Karely Ruiz loves the Balenciaga brand

The firm Balenciaga is in the eye of the hurricane after launching a campaign in which children were photographed posing with a series of objects which sexualize children and are considered to be an apology for pedophilia.

More than one celebrity is in love with this luxury brand, considered by many fashion connoisseurs as a symbol of bad taste.

The scandal and rejection of Balenciaga’s Christmas campaign has taken on such proportions that the brand has announced that it will remove the images with which it was promoting its spring-summer 2023 collection.

The Monterrey Model Karely RuizFor example, he made no secret of his addiction to Balenciaga clothes.

In her closet there are bags Balenciaga, shoes and clothes. Something he usually brags about in his Instagram stories.

With two Onlyfans profiles, the second was opened after spending a few weeks with her main account blocked, she has one of her sources of income, but not the only one, since the model offers private shows and ventures into the world of business.

In the secondary Onlyfans account, he charges $14 per month (273 Mexican pesos), and in the one he opened for the first time, he has a subscription of $16 per month (312 Mexican pesos).

The model has an average of 4,000 subscribers per month, she specifies that some leave and others enter.

With his high income, he can afford a series of luxury goods and Balenciaga clothes are on his wish list.

The model profited from a personal tragedy, after an ex-boyfriend spread banned photos when she was just a teenager, a fact that even led her to think about ending her days. “Now thank you,” he said in several interviews.

His life has completely changed, as well as the life of his family. In addition to going to live alone in a nice apartment, Kareley He bought a car for his parents and contributes to his family’s expenses.

The expensive clothes of Karely Ruiz

One of the taste samples of Karely Ruiz for Balenciaga clothes, it was more than clear with a photo shoot in which she poses a set of underwear from this fashion house.

The top costs $425 (8,290 Mexican pesos), while the bikini costs $250, or 4,876.

Her sister, Alex Ruiz, also wore the same outfit following in the footsteps of the Onlyfans model.

Onlyfans star Karely Ruiz among celebrities who love the Balenciaga brand


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