Metaverse and new technologies: This fuels the Monterrey Tec symposium

The immersive experience of this Metaverse Symposium, Opportunities and Realities of Social Technologyl, did not place those present in a future reality, but really offered the immersive possibilities that companies such as Industrias Peñoles, Tec de Monterrey, COECYT Coahuila and research centers such as COMIMSA, offered to the participants.

MILLENNIUM Colloquium “Metaverse opportunities and realities of social technologies”. (Manuel Guadarrama)

Entering the Borregos Arena in the Immersive Experiences area, Jorge Rosales Velazquez, General Manager of ROSVEL Estudio Multimedia, gave a sample of the development that penoles has put in place to consolidate their working environment, by sharing experiences of using real, augmented and mixed technology.

Through oculus lenses, the way in which this company develops assisted training was experienced: they were projected 360 videos for live the experience of visit for example, the RPeñoles Ecological Reserve, situated at cuencamé. The holoLensit’s a mixed reality devicewhich allows industries solve real problems with the participation of specialists in real time.

Immersive technology at the MILENIO Symposium at Tec de Monterrey.  (Manuel Guadarrama)

Immersive technology at the MILENIO Symposium at Tec de Monterrey. (Manuel Guadarrama)

Give a clear example of why this is the pioneer institution and that it is at the forefront of the use of technology for its educational processes, the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Laguna campus, shared items like RV area, which explores education through virtual reality experiences, such as Virtual Campuswhere using the Tec’s metaverse, students attend their classes personified with their avatars, as well as the technology for college degrees Yes a teacher avatar, of projects two-dimensional effect of Renewable Energies hologram mobile interface.

Later, experts from the Mexican Materials Research Corporation (COMMISSION), gave the virtual reality experience with sforklift driving simulatorsyesengine assemblyas well as electrical panel simulators and experience in the metaverse. Mixed reality with collaboration between remote users through the use of projections holographic.

Juan Diego Hinojosa, Director of Entrepreneurship at Tec de Monterrey, He said that Metaverso entrepreneurship allows us to exploit opportunities for the use of spaces, such as:

  • Sale of land digitally
  • Video game development
  • Marketing
  • avatar design
  • Clothes
  • the spaces
  • Furniture

They therefore turn out to be a good entrepreneurial opportunity.

“On the one hand, participants were asked to express their entrepreneurial idea in this area of ​​​​the metaverse, and on the other hand, to describe their vision of the future world in which they live in one sentence,” he explained. .

Digital spaces in the physical world.  (Manuel Guadarrama)

Digital spaces in the physical world. (Manuel Guadarrama)

The conference program was completed with a booth area, where immersive virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences were offered.

With specialized scopesthe participants immersed themselves in visits and activities that managed to overcome the barrier between the real and the virtual.

The State Council of Science and Technology of Coahuila, visited the Tec de Monterrey the renewable energy mobile interfacea mobile vehicle 12 meters long, with extensible walls, where the integration of two main areas has been achieved with a 3D projection video room and a technological room, equipped to display short videos of the renewable energy parks of Coahuila. .

In such a way that adults and young participants, through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality glasses, as well as digital tablets and touch screenslive the Metaverse experience in this colloquium.



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