Fofo Márquez records a video in Qatar with two women in bed

Fofo Márquez reappeared in Qatar after his father’s death, doing inappropriate things, as was his custom.

Mexico’s so-called ‘millionaire child’ has released images with his father, who died of lung cancer on November 10, 2022, but the mourning did not last long for Fofo Márquez, who is enjoying his legacy during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Fofo Márquez’s fame has grown thanks to his content where he shows his eccentricities. In one of his most controversial videos, he showed how his safety ring works, leaving his escorts heavily armed when he went to buy a charger for his mobile phone in a mall.

Fofo Márquez clarified during the video with his escorts that his parents are not amused that he shows his luxurious life in public. “My parents are against me making my life public,” he said on this occasion.

“I remind you that my family is against all this, that I make my lifestyle so public, they took away my previous accounts, and apart from the fact that they took away my previous social networks, they m took me out of Mexico for almost a year to make my lifestyle public, they limited my budget.

Just five days after his father’s death, Fofo Marquez He publishes on his social networks images in which he sees himself living his life of luxury and excess in Qatar.

The crazy life of Fofo Márquez

The Fofo Marquez’s father He always forbade him to reveal their identity, but with his opulence he exposed the family, and it was precisely by showing his exclusive credit card that the press was able to find the name of the businessman Rodolfo Márquez, who was one of the main shareholders of the Total service station chain. The businessman’s resemblance to his son is enormous.

On the day of his death, he shared footage with his father for the first time.

“My stage of being a millionaire child is over and a new stage is coming for me, which is to become a man. I had never uploaded a photo of my father but a part of who he was or who I was the son, thanks to all those who have lived the experience of the networks and they have accompanied me in this hobby that is over, it is over, I will not have time to make content anymore, I tell you goodbye everyone, thank you for your support, the time has come for me to become a man,” wrote Fofo Márquez after learning of his father’s death.

However, the death of the father of Fofo Márquez It didn’t make him change his lifestyle and he went back to the crazy things he had been doing for years that made him so famous on social media.

“They’re going to whip me”

The so-called ‘rich boy’ did not follow up on what he said about his alleged withdrawal from social media and, instead, posted about his trip to Qatar.

break the rules of To taste He recorded videos with several women in bed.

“It is not supposed that these things can be done here in Qatar (…) They will give me some whippings here in Doha”, he quipped while his companions, in bikinis, covered themselves the face.


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