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“Redefining Higher Education” is the name given to the 6th International High Technology Forum, organized by senatewhere the educational trends through various experiences of national and international experts, who are transforming higher education and integrating new technologies in the classrooms.

“The pandemic accelerated the changes that were taking place in all areas and the education sector was not indifferent. It was an opportunity to improve quality and continue on the path that post-pandemic education entails, alongside future trends, such as hybrid education, the use of big data and intelligence. artificial. This will allow graduates and professionals to adequately face a world of work full of new demands,” said Gustavo Alva, National Director of SENATI.

In this context, various specialists made presentations on technology applied to the education sector. Among them, Wilbert Vilcahuamán, SENATI instructor, headquarters of Cusco, who spoke about the application of artificial intelligence to support the performance of teachers, through the virtual assistant project “Stich 22”.

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This will allow instructors to work quickly and agilely with their students, as well as improve student learning and make the study space more interactive, making it easier to find data and course topics, video presentation, student lists and assistance, information in virtual encyclopedias, audio reproduction, text translation, among others, which will encourage collaborative learning.

For his part, Nuno Ribeiro, Dean of the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança in Portugal, highlighted the program of Mentoring Academy. This makes it possible, thanks to Big Data, to follow new students and promote their integration, as well as to provide educational tutorials, in a proactive way, to students who may have more difficulties in the courses, to improve their knowledge and improve their knowledge. ‘provide more opportunities for their students’ success. .

Likewise, Carmen López, Director of Digital Products, Employability and Educational Innovation at Fundación Telefónica, spoke about “Conecta Empleo Perú”, a program that innovates in technology and contributes to the employability of people. . This is responsible for researching and analyzing the most in-demand digital profiles to extract the most in-demand skills and identify the optimal course or educational content for that position. With this, they offer the user information on the labor market, as well as the tools to develop a digital profile, through 30 self-study and free online courses.

“SENATI is at the forefront of technology in education and this forum generates an important step in the face of a transcendent issue such as the application of various disruptive digital technologies in this field, for which we have worked so that each of the experiences told by our different exhibitors can be applied nationally, in addition to the various technologies that our students already use on a daily basis, enhancing their learning through digital skills, always hand in hand with partner organizations,” said Carlos Hernández, responsible of the development of SENATI.


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