They denounce the lack of road culture and maintenance of bike paths in Los Cabos

As part of the direct urban development plan, various modes of transport are considered, including bicycles, which is why a network of bicycle paths is proposed for the population of San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas with two projects of about 4.5 kilometers located in the hotel zone of San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

However, the most optimal use of the network of cycle paths has not been given, due to the authorities’ failure to publicize the routes and the lack of road safety education for cyclists, coupled with the fact that cyclists mention that these routes are not They have the necessary security measures to ensure the integrity of users.

Thanks to a citizen complaint received at the editorial board, it was reported the lack of education of cyclists who circulate on the sidewalk, next to the cycle path located near Antonio Mijares Boulevard, just in front of the cemetery of San José del Cabo.

In this context, Mario Meave, general coordinator of the Ciclovía Recreativa De Cabo San Lucas, explained that the reason for these bad practices is due to the lack of dissemination of the established cycle routes.

“In reality, the authorities of IMPLAN or several who apply themselves to promoting the existence of this cycle path which is 4.5 kilometers long did not give it this diffusion, they did not maintain it, on the contrary, it has deteriorated little by little and there are a lot of protectors there That the same hotel suppliers throw them here is practically a matter of diffusion”.

A cycle path is an area of ​​public infrastructure or any other area exclusively reserved for the circulation of bicycles. The cycle lane can be any lane of a public road that has been suitably marked for this purpose or an independent lane created where only the circulation of bicycles is authorized.

For the implementation of bike lanes, in a first step, a project has been developed so that the San José del Cabo bike lane measures more than five kilometers of exclusive lane dedicated to bicycles in downtown San José del Cabo and its tourist areas. .

In 2018, this first stage was financed by the National Fund for Tourism Promotion. However, their design in different sections has poor construction or does not have adequate functionality.

“Normally cycle lanes are built or laid on cement or hard plastic pads on the edge of the cycle lane and everything is covered in that type of material so that if the vehicle goes into the tires the tires are impacted with this type of buffer. and can prevent an accident.

Without driver training or a mobility plan adapted to the adoption of each of the alternative routes to guarantee mobility within the municipality of Los Cabos, motorists and cyclists will continue to miss out on alternative mobility options in the town.

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