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Many of us wonder what is the real secret of bliss. Everyone finds it in the small moments of fullness throughout life.

Others understand that it is not a permanent state, but the truth is that science must help find clues based on experience. This is precisely what Harvard University proposed 75 years ago to arrive at some interesting conclusions that are released today in the report of the Grant Study project or Harvard Study of Adult Development.

700 students

Harvard took 700 students as study subjects and tracked their life paths for 75 years, including all of their psychological, anthropological, and physical traits in an unprecedented record that served to yield answers about our well-being.

Areas studied included drinking habits, family relationships, and degree of empathy and warmth with the mother figure.

The findings were published by Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant, director of the project between 1972 and 2004. The book was titled: “The Secret to Happiness” which is a navigation map based on the experience of the multitude object of to analyse.

The “crown jewel” of this study, according to Vaillant, is that the most important thing in life is human relationships, since you can have money, success and even good physical health, but a person with all these gifts cannot become happy. Social relationships, support, friendships and romantic relationships are the secret to achieving this “being happy” in the psychological sense.

An interesting fact concerns the relationship with the mother figure. Men who had “warm” childhood relationships with their mothers were found to earn an average of $87,000 more per year than those whose mothers weren’t as caring.

Eating habits and exercise influence happiness

They also found that people in poor relationships “were significantly more likely to develop dementia in old age,” the outlet said.

what we should do

For Stephanie Collie, a physician and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, there is a guide that can help prolong the state of happiness and well-being. These are the following 5 actions.

1 Build your own workout routine. “Physical activity is like the release of a bubble bath of neurotransmitters, and its effects linger long after you stop exercising,” she said. The university itself recommended perfect exercises for people over 50, Uppers.es quoted.

2 Establish a spiritual connection. “When we connect with something bigger than ourselves, we develop feelings of gratitude, compassion and peace.” He advises practicing meditation, as it is a tool that functionally changes the brain in a positive way.

3 Discover new things. “As humans, we are programmed to experience joy when we experience new things. Developing new research can help us refocus our energy,” he said.

4 Altruistic work. The expert concludes that helping others (Humans, animals) produces a feeling of personal fulfillment, a state of greater happiness than when one focuses on oneself.

5 Set limits on negativity. “Whether it’s talkative colleagues, a toxic relationship with a family member, or a complaining friend, spending time in a negative state of mind directly influences us. In these cases, it is normal to set limits”, recommended the psychiatrist.

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