The provincial sports festival asks for passage

The + Sports Awards Gala which will take place next Tuesday, December 20 at the Municipal Auditorium of Ourense and in which the best athletes and teams of the season will be recognized, as well as the school that most promotes and stimulates physical and sports activity among the members of its community education, experienced the first great preamble of its 21st edition. The multi-sports festival organized each year by the newspaper The region You already know your finalists. It is with the meeting of the jury which was held last Friday at the Pazo of Canedoafter the jury has voted, choose the shortlist of candidates in each category.

The jury for this edition is made up of 19 people representing regional, provincial and local institutions; responsible for the educational community; former athletes, technicians and promoters of sports events; winners +Sports in previous editions; as well as members of the editorial and publicity departments of La Región and +Deporte.

The categories into which these +Sport Awards are split are the same as last year: 11 with shortlisted finalists and two special categories. Thus, the absolute best athletes, promising and veteran, male and female, will be rewarded in the individual categories, and the “Sport without limits” prize will be awarded. In the collective awards, the absolute best and promising teams will be recognized, in addition to being awarded the Xogade Xunta de Galicia Award as well as the price of the Abanca Deporte Base program.

In the male absolute athlete category, the finalists are motorist Javier Pardo, cyclist Carlos Canal and biker Pablo Rodríguez. The three will now fight for the +Sport trophy in a season in which Iván Salgado (chess), Xurxo Cid (hockey), Ezequiel Gago and Brais Ansia (wushu), Saúl López and Iván Feijóo (mountain biking and cyclocross) have also marked out. . , José Moure and David González (lifesaving and swimming) or David Prada (canoeing), among others.

The shortlist of candidates in the category of absolute female athletes is made up of athletes Leticia Gil and Carmen Escariz, as well as gymnast Melania Rodríguez. Among the most notable CVs were those of Yudania Hernández (chess). Beatriz Pereira and Paula Fernández (shooting), Agar Gago (wushu), María Cedrón (athletics), Sara Ezquerro and Laura Valverde (badminton), Anita Fernández and Tamara Silva (jiu jitsu) or Xiana Conde (mountain biking).

The finalists for the best promising male athlete are gymnast Saúl Rodríguez, kickboxer Manuel Pérez and wrestler Gonzalo Caparrós, who beat athletes such as Sergio Quintas (athletics), Miguel Gayoso (motor), Uxío Atrio (enduro and cyclocross), Lucas Chao (canoeing), Iván Pacios (climbing), Patrick Celis (rhythm), Mateo Rodríguez (trampoline), Daniel Manrique (chess and table tennis), Adrián Seijo (badminton), Julián Feijóo (taekwondo) and Adrián González (kickboxing ) .

The athlete Blanca Pereira and the multi-sports Ana Nóvoa and Eva Feijóo aspire to the trophy for the best promising female athlete, in a course in which Marta Rodríguez (springboard), Raquel Bravo (wrestling), Sarela Conde (MTB), Ainoha García (taekwondo ), María Núñez (veil) and Alicia Rodríguez (wushu).

Athletes Rubén Diz and Domingo Álvarez and canoeist Jesús Rodríguez are finalists for Best Veteran Male Athlete, after beating Francisco Galicia (badminton), Alberto Taboada (swimming) and triathlete Santiago García in the previous vote.

In the veteran female athlete, the final list is made up of the athlete Begoña Domínguez, the multi-sport Cristina García and the tandem of paddlers Mónica Piñeiro-Kissi Torres, who overtook Luz María Domínguez (athletics), Dolores Sarmiento (badminton) and Esperanza in the previous Fernandez (taekwondo) vote.

The finalists for the Sports Without Limits award are Yago López (football and para-badminton/CD Seixalbo and Athlos), Nacho Fernández (para-badminton/Athlos) and Gloria Cousillas (paracanoe/Fluvial Avión-Castrelo).

As for the collective prizes, the absolute prize for the team will go to Xadrez Ourense, the Athlos club or the Barrocás hockey club, in a season that has also seen excellent results from the female athletics of Ourense, Vila Castro Asesores Volleyball, Ximnasia Pavilion and Burgas Trampoline Gymnastics or Swimming Pavilion, among others.

In the category of the most promising team, the final shortlist is made up of the female CB Allariz for the children, the Ximnasia Burgas for the acrobatics and the Fluvial Avión-Castrelo for the canoe, all in a course where the CF Pabellón alevín, the Ximnasia The trampoline pavilion, the Sincro Ourense, the junior swimming pavilion, the Atila club or the CD Couto of taekwondo.

Finalists for the Abanca Basic Sports Program Award are Carmelitas Vedruna Basketball Club, CF Pavilion and Fluvial O Barco for canoeing.

In the final list of the Xogade Xunta de Galicia award are IES Aquis Querquernis de Bande, IES Carlos Casares de Viana do Bolo and CPR Divino Maestro de Ourense.

Three weeks is what remains for the Gala + Sport.


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