Sedena gives a conference “Dissemination of the Culture of National Security” – El Sol de San Luis

The conference “Dissemination of the Culture of National Security” was given by Brigadier General Mario Arturo Fuentes Guevara, Commander of the 12th Military Zone, in front of members of the community of the Scientific and Technological Research Institute of Potosí ( IPICYT), which detailed the programs and missions dedicated to the protection of the population, sovereignty and independence of the country by the Mexican military.

He spoke of the elements that contribute to understanding the concept of national security and highlighted the importance of the programs and missions dedicated to the protection of the population, sovereignty and independence of the country by the Mexican military.

The first of the missions consists of defending the integrity, independence and sovereignty of the nation, as well as ensuring the protection and surveillance of the territory and space.

As the second and third mission, he stressed that it aims to guarantee internal security in addition to helping the civilian population in case of public needs; while the fourth mission provides for actions and social works that tend to the progress of the country, which contribute to improving the social well-being of the population in general.

A task carried out by SEDENA concerns the cases of natural disasters, where its fifth mission is located, since it consists of working to maintain order, help people and their property, as well as the reconstruction of the affected areas. . And to cite an example, he indicated the work carried out by the army in the fight against Covid 19 in which a national plan for the distribution of vaccines has been put in place.

He underlined the importance of a permanent search for the objectives of SEDENA, through the collaboration of each of the members of the company.

He referred to the consensual concept of national security, which establishes that national security is the necessary condition provided by the State to guarantee the prevalence of its territorial integrity, independence, sovereignty, rule of law, its political, social and economic stability and the achievement of their national objectives.

Therefore, responsibility for national security is a joint effort.

“National security is not exclusive to the armed forces, but is the responsibility of all state institutions through its three orders of government. It is essential to raise awareness that national security is everyone’s responsibility, not just the executive. It is a question of the state that belongs to the three branches of government, to the three orders of government and in which the citizens must also participate.

The conference was chaired by Luis Antonio Salazar Olivo and Lina Riego Ruiz, respectively Director General and Academic Secretary of IPICYT, together with researchers and students from the different divisions that are part of the institute, as well as workers from its different administrative areas. .

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