Zoe Saldaña Connects More With Her Iconic Character In ‘Avatar’ Sequel

Next 16 de diciembre, when “Avatar: The Way of Water” finally ends in las estadounidenses, habrán pasado casi exactamente 13 años desde el launch nacional de “Avatar”, la entrega anterior, que siendo la película más taquillera de all the time.

Plus, James Cameron’s new movie is set a decade after the first, which obviously means his star characters are at different stages. This includes Neitiry, the intrepid warrior and native of the planet Pandora who is once again played by Zoe Saldaña and who, as we have been able to discover through the two trailers available and the little information that has been revealed , will be shown during a pregnancy process and, later, as the mother of up to five children, two of whom were adopted.

The new family situation somewhat coincides with what happened to the actress who, after filming “Avatar” in 2009, had three children. It is a coincidence that does not go unnoticed for the descendant of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, as she admitted during the Los Angeles Times interview in Spanish that you can also find here in her video version.

“I feel like Neitiry and I had parallel lives, in the sense that when I did the first ‘Avatar’, I wasn’t a mother,” was the first thing the performer told us through a Zoom connection. “When you are young, you are indifferent to your safety; if there was a challenge, I accepted it immediately, as she did”.

“When I came back now, being both mothers, what started to overwhelm me was the fear that something would happen to one of my children,” she continued. “When you have a purpose in life that is bigger than your own, the fear of losing that purpose is unimaginable. And the same thing happens to Neitiry”.

a new world

In addition to her relationship with Jake Sully, the human “marine” who became a Na’vi for love and who is replayed by Sam Worthington, and all that surrounds motherhood already described, both Neitiry and the other members of their species will be facing a new threat that will apparently come from humans and will cause much destruction and pain.

For something like this to happen makes sense in a saga that, as its creator pointed out, resorts to the spectacular and sci-fi to make scathing commentary on colonization, war, and nature.

“The film has it all, and it will allow each person in the audience to see some of their experiences reflected, based on what is important to each and what resonates with each,” Saldaña continued. “I just saw her, and what really struck me was this conversation she had on the [medio] the environment, linked to the respect and consideration that we must have with our Earth so that it continues to give us everything we need, because we see what happens on this other planet when it is not not valued or when allowed to be disrespectful”.

Other than that, the performer was impacted by the ideas contained in the tape regarding the need of every person to protect their family and provide its members with dignified growth. “I think it’s something the public will take home as well,” he said.

On the other hand, what happens in the film will give us, as viewers, the opportunity to see a different aspect of Pandora, because instead of keeping us only in the jungle areas of the planet, as it s happened in “Avatar”, we will be transferred to the ocean, which seems to imply that Neytiri and his family will be moved from their natural habitat to become refugees.

During a recent visit to Paris for a fashion event organized by Dior.

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open sea

It’s clear now that “The Way of Water” will have a lot of water scenes, and it’s actually the first of its kind that was developed using the motion capture technique. To play them, the actors had to spend long hours in huge water tanks, after intense training in the discipline of diving.

What transpired at these times generated friendly competition between those involved over how long each of them could hold their breath while submerged. The “winner” was Kate Winslet, with 7 minutes; Sigourney Weaver reached 6 and a half years old, and our interviewee reached 5 years old.

“It’s not like I can do it in every scene either; that number, which actually exceeded 5 minutes, happened once,” Saldaña said. “Every time one of us broke his own record, coming back to the surface, he found the whole team jubilant.”

“There was a before and an after; when [James Cameron] presented us with the challenge of filming underwater and practicing to hold our breath, we were all amazed,” he added. “And then when we did, it was a very good thing.”

Despite the fact that most of her childhood was spent in New York, Saldaña lived for many years in the Dominican Republic with her mother, and since her husband Marco Merego is Italian, she spends a lot of time in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Riviera. . But none of this had caused her to move like a fish in water.

“When I was little, I was always at the beach or in the pool, but I never felt completely safe,” she recalls. “I felt very limited, and it was because of this ‘oh, what if I was drowning?’ thing. On my travels, he sometimes encouraged me to dive, but without any technique. Doing this training gave me a sense of security that moved me; it was a feeling I had never felt.”

“I managed to pass it on to my children; now, when I educate them in terms of swimming, I do it knowing what the breathing is like before and after they dive, and I realize that for them it’s something very natural, whereas for me it’s ‘is something very conscious’, detailed. “I learned something new with ‘Avatar’, and I was able to follow it with my family.”

challenges and achievements

The original film blew the world away with its handling of cutting-edge technology and use of 3D that had never looked so fabulous. But several years have passed since its release and, given the expectations raised, audiences will expect much more from “The Way of the Water”, which is over three hours long and has a budget apparently close to 400 million dollars. dollars. .

“What he will deliver is an experience like no other, incomparable, unimaginable,” Saldaña said when asked what we can expect from the production. “You will not only be moved or moved by what you will see, but also by what you will hear and what you will feel. It’s a real immersive experience.

Zoe Saldana smiles

As the protagonist of the “From Scratch” series.

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At 44, our interlocutor is in a particularly bright period. In addition to “The Way of Water”, he is working on the third film “Avatar”, which was shot at the same time as him and will be released in theaters in 2024; looking forward to the May 2023 premiere of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, where she reprises her role as Gamora; and is acclaimed for her role in “From Scratch”, a Netflix romance series released last October, where she plays an American artist who falls in love with a chef during a school trip to Italy.

What does she think of the possibility of being able to embody both iconic figures from Hollywood blockbusters and more mundane characters in less publicized but equally celebrated professions?, we asked her.

“I follow what my heart tells me when I read something that moves me a lot, and when I start filming, I do it very prepared and very determined,” she replied. “I give 120% in everything I do, and when that translates into great success, knowing that I’ve been part of something special makes me feel good.”

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