The National Meeting of Culture is held in Jalisco

Writing/Quadratin Jalisco

GUADALAJARA, Jal., December 8, 2022.- The Cabañas Cultural Institute is the venue for the National Meeting of Culture 2022, which will serve as a center of coincidence to build national identity from the local.

During the inauguration, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez spoke of the importance of this sector for building peace. “The idea of ​​culture must be understood, of course, as a right, as a factor in the construction of social justice, of course as a determining element for the promotion of human rights, diversity, inclusion, the culture of peace, but culture must also be understood as an important industry for the country’s economy”.

In the presence of the Federal Secretary for Culture, Alejandra Frausto, the President of the State proposed to put on the table the realization of strategic routes for the reconstruction of cultural monuments from museums to houses of culture; the decentralization of culture to all regions of the states; technology as a fundamental element of the cultural tool and the audiovisual industry as a key to economic development in a project with the Government of the Republic, in which the entity is already advancing as the successful case in Spain.

“It’s good that this bet is a national bet, that we all share the idea that there is a huge opportunity in culture to continue to transform this country,” he added.

The Reunion Nacional de Cultura is a mechanism for the coordination, analysis and evaluation of national public policies in terms of access to culture and the distribution of cultural assets and services that provide the Estado, as well as for the promotion and respect of cultural resources on a national level. Participants should discuss and develop liaison strategies with branches and between states.

For her part, the Secretary of Culture of the Government of the Republic, Alejandra Frausto, assured that culture can in no way be the privilege of a few and, on the contrary, it can be an industry with important economic results.

“The money that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) brings to culture to the world GDP is three percent, we are talking about 1.5 trillion dollars without counting the unregistered demonstrations, that means that we are not a ancillary sector, we are not a second sector, we contribute more to the United States or other countries than the automotive industry,” the owner explained.

On December 8, the regional meetings of the Center West and North zones are held; while on Friday, December 9, the meetings of the Center and South zones will take place; and bilateral agreements will be concluded. On that day, the closing will take place where the host state for the 2024 meeting will be announced.

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