Business unit of Nissan Mexicana that promotes talent for its operations on

With more than 60 years of presence in the Mexican territory, Nissan recognizes the importance that Mexico has in the development of diverse talents for the growth of the brand both in the country and in the world.

For this reason, and as part of the Nissan Next transformation plan, which aims to promote growth and strengthen strategic business areas in a uniform and sustainable manner, Nissan has created Nissan HUB (NiHUB), a business unit that operates within Nissan in Mexico.

The main objectives of NiHUB are theintegration into Mexico as an effective operational solutions center for North America and Latin America; reinforce Nissan’s leadership vision through cultural exchanges; and the evolution of the company towards a strategic decision-making structure.

With employees as a priority, NiHUB provides the necessary tools for constant training, time saving and synchronization of workflows, this in order to also contribute to the pillars of innovation and technology of Nissan Mexicana, which are reflected in areas such as Finance, Systems and Human Resources.

This allows Nissan Mexicana’s network of professionals to maximize its development and gain new world-class experiences. Thus, Nissan predicts that for the fiscal year that begins in April 2024, NiHUB will facilitate significant savings in human effort and financial resources to direct them to more strategic areas, which will keep it in the preference of its customers and as a reference in the national market.

It should be noted that, for Nissan, diversity and inclusion is a source of competitiveness for the company. Thus, currently the number of employees within the NiHUB network is 41% women and 59% men. In addition, through this program, Nissan Mexicana seeks to be an incubator of highly qualified professionals not only for its operations in the country, but also for other countries and regions of the world.

Currently, in addition to Mexico, professionals from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, United States, Honduras, India, Italy, Nicaragua, United Kingdom and Venezuela participate in NiHUB.

“We know that the power of our brand, and the quality and cutting-edge that constitutes it, is built by our people and therefore we seek to challenge the status quo and achieve the highest levels of performance. . We want Nissan Mexicana to stand out not only for being one of the company’s most important operations globally, thanks to the vehicles that are produced here and exported to different countries, but also for being a spearhead in the development and training of our associates, both from Mexico and other regions,” said Carlos Domínguez, Senior Human Resources Manager of Nissan Mexicana.

Among the training provided to employees to serve the region are: languages ​​(English and Portuguese); Customer-oriented trainings, due to the focus on people and NiHubbers; global assignments and/or talent export that took place at NiHUB, and a career plan to retain and develop Nissan talent.

Nissan Mexicana, breeding ground for national talent

True to its commitment to lead people towards a better world, Nissan Mexicana seeks to align the potential and experience of its employees to expand their knowledge in an environment that promotes constant learning.

Proof of this is the contribution to the construction of an attractive career plan, with a wide catalog of opportunities that covers all the sites where Nissan is present in Mexico.

Other Nissan initiatives include the establishment of Nissan University. Located in Aguascalientes, the birthplace of iconic brand vehicles such as Nissan March, Nissan Versa and Nissan Kicks, this university is the first in the automotive sector to be officially recognized and validated by the Ministry of Public Education.

Within Nissan University, there are: 162 graduates of the Higher University Technician (TSU) in Maintenance, Production Systems and Quality Management; 85 graduates from master’s programs in agreement with Universidad Panamericana (UP) and CIATEQ (Center for Advanced Technology); 164 current students in the Technicien Supérieur Universitaire (TSU) programs; and 150 active students in master’s programs.

“For Nissan Mexicana, the talent of the factories and the administrative staff allow it to be the preferred vehicle brand in Mexico. Through efforts like these, Nissan is well positioned in the industry and demonstrates its commitment to being a company where employees feel engaged and recognized for the great work they do every day,” added Dominguez.

On the other hand, there is also the Nissan School, a project that began in Aguascalientes A1, the factory where the Nissan Versa is manufactured, the best-selling vehicle in the country and one of the largest production volumes industry in Mexico. This program, which began in 1997, continues to this day to develop new talent across the country: students who seek to train and grow in the automotive industry through foundations, values ​​and day-to-day preparation. the day.

Within the Nissan School, young people have the opportunity to develop an impact project for the company, on which they must work in 6 months with their work team and their manager, who acts as a mentor during the process.

New talents receive different types of training, seeking to enrich the professional and professional growth of each of them. So far, 47% of contracts made by the Japanese brand are given by the Nissan school, which is the second main source of recruitment.


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