Christmas at ARTZ: activities and experiences for the whole family

Thanks to the variety of activities it offers, throughout the month of December you can go and enjoy the Christmas experiences that you can enjoy with your partner and friends. Take photos, enjoy the Christmas decorations and marvel at the traditional spectacle tree lighting, today mandatory date in this period of Christmas at Artz.

In addition to visiting each photo spot, participating in the wrapping workshop where you can learn how to give an original touch to your gifts, you will also have the opportunity to see the showcase which we are sure you will love downloading on your Instagram stories.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because you can put on your furry Christmas sweater and take it with you to enjoy the Christmas in Artz Next to you. Pamper him and buy him that puppicchino that will surely thank you with kisses and little hairs on your clothes.

Now, if you are looking for where to do your Christmas shopping, enjoy your visit to this commercial destination and get infected with Christmas carols to make the most of your shopping, because it’s a great season to get yourself the sneakers you’ve always wanted or to give that special someone the smartphone they’ve been dreaming of. You do not think?

CDMX’s most popular shopping destination

The place that creates the perfect memories.Courtesy of Artz

Since 2018, Artz it has become an icon of Mexico not only for its modern and original architecture, but also for its open art that you can see and have a Date amazing under the moonlight or a magical dinner with your whole family.

For example, the Open Art section is a space for continuous experimentation that seeks to bring you closer to contemporary art and culture to stimulate learning and creative experiences through the avant-garde exhibited in its open-air art. air.

We can say that art is the heart of this commercial destination because, since its inauguration, the open spaces have exalted this place as well as its architecture which can be appreciated from any point where one is.

And although outdoor activities are a great excuse to live together and bond, this project stands out not only for its design, but also for its great commercial offer focused on the most exclusive fashion brands. You could say that it is a paradise for fashion lovers, since in this commercial destination are the boutiques of major fashion companies.

Its catering offer is not to be outdone, Artz you can enjoy its wide range of first-class restaurants where you will have the perfect opportunity to taste Italian cuisine, fine cuts, oriental cuisine and much more.

Because of all of the above, we recommend that you end the year laughing, having fun and in the company of your loved ones with the Christmas in Artz, we are sure that in addition to creating beautiful and magical memories, it will become your favorite shopping destination for 2023 and your place of happiness.

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