Santiago Santoscoy assures that he will help youngsters grow in the sport

Gustavo Santoscoy Garciais director of APT Master Finale of paddlean event that took place from December 7 to 11 at Guadalajara Pan American Tennis Center, Jalisco.

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After this event, the manager shared in an interview with Publisport the feelings left by the tournament and what motivated him to support this sport, as well as the steps to follow so that the paddle keep growing in Mexico.

  • How did the APT final in Guadalajara leave you feeling?

The impressions are very good, that of the player and that of the turn. The players left very happy, very comfortable, they felt at home. They thanked us for the experience they had Guadalajara. On the tour side, I’m always very happy, impatient to have an important event in Guadalajara. The spectators experienced a brutal level of paddle tennis, being the most important tournament of the year, it was spectacular for them, people had high expectations and they were fulfilled.

  • What is the next step for paddle tennis to continue to experience significant growth in Mexico?

Due to its nature, being a very dynamic, social and easy to play sport, I believe it will naturally develop on its own, but with the support of sporting events at a professional level, for people to experience and feel the sport in its peak splendor is going to generate a boom because everyone who experienced it last week is very excited and is going to want to continue. Today in Jalisco we have more than 20 clubs of paddle and it’s definitely going to keep growing and we’ll see all the young people quickly get hooked on the sport and eventually take it to a good level. We will even support those who want to reach a professional level.

Being a Mexican sport we should be proud, adopting it as our own, not every country has such a flourishing and growing and important sport in the world. The first step is the events, then supporting young people so that they can go far and what better than to have Mexican professionals among the best in the world.

  • How did you enter the world of paddle tennis?

For us who are in the world of tennis, the paddle It is a sport that has always caught our attention for its dynamism. A year ago, finishing the final of the WTA those of the APT Thanks to a recommendation from a tennis player, a good friend, she commented that the final here was a success and that they should look for us and that was the first approach. For the rest, I think the fact that it is a Mexican sport, that it is growing and that it resembles tennis were the factors that we took into account to continue the project.

  • What motivates you to continue supporting this sport?

What motivates me the most is that paddle It’s a very social sport, very familiar, very convivial. Our primary motivation is to bring fans of Guadalajara and of Mexico the best sport, because we see the children very happy, a very pleasant atmosphere and that’s the most important, to see people having fun, the children asking for photos and with their signed balls, there is nothing more beautiful than that.

  • In 2023 Guadalajara will again have a date on the APT Tour calendar, have you set the date yet?

We are in talks to see the date, but it is almost a fact that we will be next year on the calendar. We don’t know what event yet, but I can confirm that it will be in 2023.

  • Would you dare to give a weather forecast for Mexico to be a power in this sport?

I dare say that in the next five years we will start to see the Mexican in the top places of the rankings, in the top 30 for sure.

  • What message can you send to people to get them interested in paddle tennis?

Well tell you that the paddle It’s a 100% Mexican sport, social, easy to learn, you have to make it your own. Let them try, it’s great fun.



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