Endless joy of Argentine sport for victory in Qatar

Several Argentine athletes expressed their endless joy at the triumph of the Albiceleste at the end of Qatar 2022 World Cupwho awarded the third star to the selection of the south american countriesafter the 1978 and 1986 titles.

Undoubtedly the most poetic of all was the tennis player Diego Schwartzmanwhich draws a parallel between Diego Armando Maradona Yes emilianI drewMartinez on his official Twitter account.

It was the hand then and it was the foot today…tell me what you want but from somewhere in the universe it was there,” he tweeted.small‘, who posted a photo of Maradona in the legendary image of ‘the hand of God‘, from world of 1986, and another of the goalkeeper in the providential save of the last minutes of extra time of today’s final, where the clash was 3-3.

“I they marked forever. we were marked for always. They were marked forever. For eternity,” he wrote.

The old basketball players fabrice oberto Yes Andrew Chapunovelties joins the congratulations of the one who was also a member of the Golden Generation Emmanuel Ginobiliwho posted a fun thread back in the day, in which he recounted his moods as the finale progressed.

“Champions!! Let’s go champion!!! Guys…” his ex-partner tweeted on his Twitter account. San Antonio Spursas well as sharing an image from FIFA, in which Lionel Messi is seen in the foreground and the rest of the Argentina squad members below.

Meanwhile, Nocioni tweeted: “How can you explain this! I do not know! Unbelievable!!! Argentina are world champions!!! Messi retires tomorrow!!! That’s it! You don’t have to do anything else!”

Additionally, he retweeted a message from one of his NBA teams, the Chicago Bulls, in which the Illinois team congratulates Messi with an image of him wearing that team’s jersey with his name and number 10: “The greatest World Cup Final ever played! Congratulations to Argentina. Congratulations Messi”.

the tennis player Gabriela Sabatiniwinner of the United States Open in 1990, published two messages on her Twitter account, in one of which she thanked the members of Lionel Scaloni’s team “for this joy”, which she said “deserved” this victoire.

He also uploaded one of the images that have gone viral since the end of the final: that of Messi Looking at the World Cup after receiving the Ballon d’Or, which accredits him as the best player of the tournament.

Another who also dedicated a message of congratulations to the members of the ‘Scaloneta’ was the tennis player Juan Martín del Potro, retired this year from the tracks.


Argentina claimed their third world star, after the 1978 and 1986 titles, beating France 4-2 on penalties in the final after a 3-3 draw in regulation time.

With information from EFE

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