Millie Bobby Brown slammed for her attitude in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Millie Bobby Brown slammed for her attitude in ‘Enola Holmes 2’

to Writing | December 23, 2022

Apparently, actress Millie Bobby Brown planted an unexpected kiss on another cast member on the show

Millie Bobby Brown is currently one of Hollywood’s youngest actresses, starring in “Stranger Things” This gave her worldwide fame and positioned her as a promise to act. In this context, Millie was asked for other works, among which the film of “Enola Holmes” and this recently created part 2, already available on the Netflix platform.

Ever since the 18-year-old started out in the entertainment business, she’s received a lot of criticism, including how at her young age she seems to be living a life of excess, as if she were an adult; However, he now faces another charge for a review from a privacy coordinatora sector that is becoming more and more important in Hollywood shoots.

Her name is jessica steinrock and thanks to the videos you post on your TikTok account “Intimacy Coordinator”became a person who is fairly followed on the social network. What she does is carry out her work on the platform while giving her opinion on these behaviors and on this occasion she had to give her vision of the attitude of the young British performer.

What led to the criticism?

It all started when the actress who plays “Eleven”shared a video on his own TikTok where he confessed to the gesture with which he surprised his co-star, Louis Partridge: an unexpected kiss that defines with a “that was so cute”. Additionally, he added that: “To see her take the initiative, and in general to see a girl take the first step, it’s very exciting”.

This admission was criticized by the aforesaid “intimacy coordinator” and through his profile, he took it upon himself to give his point of view and his version of what happened.

I love Millie Bobby Brown, but it’s not the funny story she thinks. I’m sure there was a lot of trust between her and her partner, but we should never surprise anyone in combat or intimacy scenes.”he underlined.
“At the end it means that he did not have his consent to kiss her, and when your partner responds to the kiss with surprise, it means that the necessary communication did not existadded Jessica Steinrock.

Finally, Jessica pointed out that Millie had more power in this situation by being more famous: “When we do racy scenes, we like to have fun, but consent is still required. FYI, I love Enola Holmes, but next time: ask permission”concluded Steinrock.

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