The weight of technology in Christmas gifts

Within technological products, those for the home (small appliances) and personal care are gaining ground in the preferences of adults

The weight of technology has been steadily growing on Christmas gift lists, already assuming the third category of Christmas gifts most sought after by Spaniards, behind clothes and money, according to the Christmas Consumer Report 2022 carried out by Deloitte. A report that already places mobiles/smartphones in fifth place among the most requested gifts, supplanting the historical “kings” such as jewellery.

Within technological products, those intended for the home (small appliances) and for personal care are gaining ground in the preferences of adults, while the youngest continue to demand online entertainment.

Department stores are the preferred channel for buying electronics and no one better than Sara Vega, Director of Marketing and Communication at FNAC Spain, to say more about the marketing of technological and cultural products.

How would you sum up the year 2022 for your company?

In summary, we are starting the year by opening our new Fnac Torrejón in the Oasiz shopping center, a space that has given us great joy and which in a way represents the way we understand our stores for the future.

In terms of activity, the Fnac-Darty group’s results for the first half of 2022 amounted to 3,428 million euros, results which remain firm, in line with those of previous years. The Group invoiced a total of 702 million euros in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in 2021, which represents an increase of 7.3% compared to the previous year. In comparable terms, the increase over one year is 6.5%.

In September, we made a major change in tone and brand image with the “Te falta Fnac” campaign, with which we sought, on the one hand, to rediscover the tone and humor that set our brand and our path as much to communicate to continue to advance on the path of differentiation, and also to rejuvenate it and reach the younger generations. On the other hand, another of the objectives of the campaign is to claim our role as a cultural agitator. Making culture accessible, supporting emerging talent, promoting living culture… are activities that are part of who we are and what we want to continue to be, and that make us unique.

Our stores are living spaces, meeting points for culture, whether local or international. In this sense, we are very proud of the way in which Fnac Spain supports the dissemination and cultural development of the country, giving space to emerging artists, many of whom return to our stores years later as international references. The most recent case is perhaps that of Rosalía, present at our concerts during her first steps in the music industry and who then signed her last release exclusively in a Fnac store a few months ago.

Also, last February we communicated through the campaign ‘Companion animals, welcome to Fnac!’ that animal and culture lovers can go to all the brand’s stores with their best friends. In this document, we have turned the traditional concept of caring for pets upside down to generate a new unknown: “Who takes care of whom?”, being pets those who care for their owners. The campaign was a hit on both social media and media and won us gold at the Luum Awards.

This know-how also played an important role in our being named Best Company of the Year in the Electronics, IT and Technology category, after being finalists with Media Markt. Something that is undoubtedly a source of pride for us and that allows us to approach 2023 with great enthusiasm.

What is the importance of Christmas sales in the annual turnover of the company?

The last part of the year is for us one of the most important on a commercial level, since the Christmas campaign is one of the most relevant and that is why we are facing it with great enthusiasm. We are confident that our expert salespeople, who are very familiar with the products they work with, will be able to offer consumers the best advice and recommendations. The combination of these two values, the knowledge of our customers with the expertise of our specialist salespeople, is what will truly provide a premium experience.

In addition, for years, the eruption of the Black Friday campaign in November has advanced the Christmas campaign for all sectors. However, the weeks preceding the Christmas holidays are very important for Fnac, which is why we are developing very powerful commercial campaigns which, we hope, will also be decisive for our company’s annual results. The Spanish case is particularly notable for the celebration and entrenchment of the purchases of the Three Kings, which in our case makes the Christmas campaign longer than in most countries where Fnac is present.

Which products do you think will be the best sellers of the Christmas campaign?

Just a month before Christmas, many users choose to make their lists to the Three Kings or Santa Claus now in the middle of Black Friday. New tech releases are usually top sellers, with items from Samsung and Apple standing out, as well as next-gen consoles remaining top sellers almost as soon as they’re announced for release.

Gaining more and more weight, we also find our range of small Premium appliances which are always a success at this time of the year, because, without a doubt, they are functional products which, by design, are among the most requested, being one of the star products of this season, the air fryer.

On the other hand, and after two years of a certain pause due to the pandemic, we are immersed in part of the year with many important releases in all our sections, video games, discs, manga, etc. with what, books continue to be a much-requested gift that is gaining momentum, in addition to the recent vinyl boom which we hope will keep interest going on these dates.

What sales results are you hoping to achieve this coming Christmas?

This is the first campaign in several years where there are no movement or ability restrictions for health reasons. For this reason, we hope that the results will be much more positive than in the past two years in order to close a year full of success for the Group in the Iberian Peninsula.

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