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Ecuador, in addition to having the “most loved” artist, also has the “most denied” character in the series. actor and producer Jonathan Estrade, who on the last Latin Grammy Awards red carpet was recognized in an interview by international media as the singer’s boyfriend Dayanara, He preferred to take advantage of the moment and the comments that arose as a result of this situation and launch a musical hit. He does not do it alone, the subject interprets it with Gerard Moran.

“The lyrics of the song were only written by me, Gerardo shared the track with me, I suggested it be this song because it felt nice to say: I’m the most refused guambra and because we couldn’t produce a brand new track, we didn’t want much to happen fever time The denied when the song comes out,” Estrada mentions of the single produced by Blasty (of duo Rocko & Blasty). “We went to his workshop, we set up the theme The deer, we treated it like a party, it took us about three hours, from producing the mixes to recording my vocals. From there we did the Master general and we share the track and the lyrics with Gerardo, who recorded in his studio,” he adds.

How did you take Dayanara refusing you as a husband in an interview?

I didn’t give many interviews about it after the denial, but I took it really, really well. I laughed like crazy and at no time did I feel targeted and I say this because of what I’m going to explain right now: the momo (Gerónimo Benavides) is one of streamers the most famous in Argentina, is a youtuber who maybe has a similar profile to mine, he has a lot of fun, he’s a clown, he entertains, he makes jokes, he’s super outgoing, just like Jonathan Estrada, who has my TV show the hollow, I have the hollows. They have always known me to be a prying and crazy driver, so when I saw and listened to the interview I was doing with Dayanara, I understood that it was all just a joke, as you can tell see in the interview uploaded to YouTube.

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It would have seemed wrong to me that maybe Dayanara had a very cutting or defiant attitude or like she was not in a To show otherwise in a very traditional event, I loved Dayanara’s attitude, she needs to know that there are interviews and interviews and it was to rub, have fun and go with the flow. I think it was a game well played that we took to it well then, maybe later when people started bombing us and telling her why she turned me down, that’s just ‘at that point we realized it could have been misconstrued.

The theme The denied it also serves as Estrada’s lead vocal. “My comic book character is part of Jonathan Estrada because he understands phrases and behaviors he had with my character from The combo (yellow) and it also has phrases from my character in hollows Yes the hollow, So I think it’s a hybrid and that’s why it’s more my Jonathan Estrada character and that’s my essence. I can’t tell you that another song won’t come after this success, which we didn’t think would have and be trending on YouTube for three days. We have already reached three million views. I liked it, I like the experience and I think I can talk about a possible song next year,” he says.

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Estrada wants to collaborate with other artists for future musical productions, however, he points out that after the premiere of The denied The chapter of this conversation is now closed. “We are going to promote it in several cities, it will be the dancing cannon of 2022 but I think there will be no more versions, maybe if it comes to us, maybe it would include a little l ‘history of The denied in a Dayanara song, with a different type of lyrics and situation”, he refers. (AND)

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