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A great shock caused the mysterious death of Pavel Antov, the tycoon Russian sausages that he was well known in his country. The man died aged 65 after falling from the third floor of a hotel in India. As reported by international media, a few days before the death of his friend. Find out who this powerful man was here.

The death of cobblestone antov traveled around the world. El Universal specifies that the man He celebrated his 65th birthday at the hotel where he was staying in the state of Odisha. He came to this place for a vacation not knowing that it would be his last trip.

The businessman was found dead December 24 in the mentioned Hotel. International media reported that it happened three days after he arrived in India and two days after his friend was found dead.

pavel antov traveled, according to El Mundo, with Vladimir Bidenova friend of his who after his arrival in India died in the same hotel.

The millionaire’s death is the latest in a string of unexplained deaths involving Russian tycoons since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, many of whom had been vocal critics of the war.“, reports the personal diary the Universal.

Many regret the departure of pavel antov; however, not everyone knew who this person was. Here we tell you.


Pavel Genrikhovich Antov was born in 1957, in Voskresensk (Russia).

During his youth, he was part of the SM Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, where he managed to graduate.

An injury during the service took him away from his dreams of becoming a military doctor in his country.

Over the years he worked as a psychiatrist and applied to be an assistant. Luck was with him and he joined the Vladimir district council where he headed a committee on land policy and ecology.

In the early 2000s, he ventured into the business sector and founded “Vladmirsky Standart”, a company dedicated to the production of meat and sausage products.

Since 2019, he was vice-president of “Vladimirsky Standard” and succeeded in being a minority shareholder.


  • name: Pavel Genrikhovich Antov
  • Place of birth: Voskresensk (Russia)
  • year of birth: 1957
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Age: 65 years
  • Job: business man
  • title: meat products


In Forbes Russia, the sausage businessman was ranked 26th among the country’s richest people, Forbes reported.

Likewise, in the 2018 He was among the 100 richest businessmen in this country, for whom he was recognized as a very important figure.


pavel antov died after falling from the third floor of the hotel where he was staying in the town of Rayagada, in the Odisha Stateaccording to the international press.

For his part, the vice-president of the assembly, Vyacheslav Kartukhinnoted that Antov died in “tragic circumstances”according to El Universal.


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