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Cordoba, See.- Did you know that the Day of the Innocent Saints is due to the massacre King Herod ordered for the children, where he also sought to kill Jesus?it’s the catholic history behind december 28but Mexican culture has gone beyond this biblical fact, says Father Óscar Fabricio Martínez Limón, parochial vicar of the Holy Spirit parish in Cordoba.

In the Catholic context, it is a day after Christmas, when the Church celebrates the moment when the children who were martyred by King Herod become saints, even if they were children of 1 or 2 years old, because the Church considers them saints because they died for Christ.

Explain that before this event, his name was Holy Innocents Daysince finally the minors had no awareness of sin, guilt or responsibility.

However, Mexican culture has made this fact of the past take another course, since currently the Day of the Innocents lends itself to making jokes and revealing certain secrets and it is even said that one should not lend moneydeclare love or ask for something beneficial regarding professional life.

“When the Covid-19 pandemic started, they started in Mexico with the cumbia coronavirus and when they saw that the jiribilla was already in the country, we just saw the World Cup in Qatar, where the Mexicans remembered for their joy”, said.

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He states that the culture distorted this fact, that having touched sensitivities, in the Mexican context the word innocent refers to someone who believes everything they are told.

people were making jokes

However, this day is also dedicated to pranks with emergency forces such as Red Cross and Firefighters, in this issue, Father Fabricio or Father Firefighteras it is called, emphasizes its volunteer work and calls on young people not to joke about events such as fires, injuries or deaths.

“Don’t mess with the emergency groups, right off the bat it’s a crime and secondly they take our resources away from us, in the sense that if an emergency does happen it will take time to deal with it because we’re went to the one that was wrong,” points.

He points out that in any situation, his job is also to verify that it is correct, where they rely on 911, the police and the C4, however, the rush and urgency of reporting causes emergency forces to mobilize as soon as this is confirmed. .

He calls for more training in homes so that calls to emergency numbers do not happen and it is understood that Mexicans are “parrots” i.e. funny or pranksters, but not for emergencies .


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