Playing sports, reading or travelling, how long does it take for a New Year’s resolution to become a habit? – Company

Are you one of those who fulfill New Year’s resolutions or do you end up giving up? It’s almost a tradition to start a new year promising that we will change or improve. But it is also completely normal that many of these promises or goals end up not being fulfilled.

Resolutions become a habit after 21 days. But the important thing is to be consistent and improve gradually, week after week.

Undoubtedly, improving our diet or our physical health are the most common goals. Overwork, stress or a sedentary lifestyle can cause discomfort, back pain and contractures, and at the start of a new year, many people consider adopting a healthier lifestyle.

What are the most common purposes of Spanish?

There are many New Year’s goals, some more classic and some more original that we have added over the years:

  • Learn something new. This is undoubtedly the most important goal of all, and yet the easiest to accomplish.

  • Stop smoking, drink less alcohol. Another classic. And one of the goals that fewer people manage to achieve.

  • Travel or save money. Both require planning.

  • Be grateful, spend more time with family, spend quality time with partner, listen more, be happy. Many times our pace of life our most important pillars. Our family and our partner need special moments, which can be taken at any time of the day. These are generally the most common purposes for the youngest, aged between 18 and 24.

  • Respect the environment. This is one of the finalities that we have introduced in recent years. Starting the year recycling at home is a minimal effort that can be sustained throughout 2023.

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