Who is Morality? She is one of the leaders in the export of lemons, but she is not from Tucuman but from Salta » Bichos de Campo

La Moraleja SA is an agricultural and industrial company dedicated to the production and industrialization of lemons, and has been operating in the country for 44 years. On his 15,583 hectare farm, located in Salta, he has 4,262 gross hectares for planting lemons. This company is one of the main exporters of lemon products on the world market.

The company is fourth in the national ranking of lime exporters, usually made up of companies from Tucumán. It is behind Citrusvil, San Miguel and Citromax. From the Spanish capital, it belongs to the family of Ángel Sanchis, former treasurer of the Spanish political party Alianza Popular (AP).

95% of its total sales correspond to sales of industrialized products and pass through foreign customers, including Coca Cola. A smaller percentage of sales (around 5%, mainly related to the fresh fruit sector) is channeled through a related company to the local market.

La Moraleja’s operations are vertically integrated, from growing fresh fruit to industrialization. The company’s activity is essentially industrial, its fruit production provides more than 80% of its needs, which gives it strength compared to other market players in cycles where, for climatic reasons, the supply of citrus fruits is limited.

Its packing plant has a production capacity of over one million boxes of lemons per year, where it not only processes its own fruit but also provides services to third parties. Sales are made for export, with the “All Lemon” certified quality label and also on the domestic market, but to a lesser extent. Its own registered trademarks are “Montesol”; “Costs”; “Anta” and “Projuice”, all widely recognized in international and local markets.

In the industrial segment, the company offers, among other things, concentrated juices, lemon oil and dehydrated lemon peel. Lemon essential oil represented until 2020 approximately 60% of sales of industrial products. Due to the pandemic, the sharp decline in beverage demand has led the company to redefine its long-term business strategy. In return, La Moraleja obtained freedom of production and sale. This had a strong impact on its fund generation which started to be felt in 2020, but increased in 2021. In this context, its oil sales fell by 90%.

It is currently resuming its oil exports, but fresh fruits and other industrial products continue to weigh heavily on its fund generation.

One of the qualities of the firm is that it has two dams with a storage capacity of more than 11,500,000 cubic meters of water, which feed an irrigation system that has more than 14,000 kilometers of drip pipes. which irrigate its 4,260 hectares of lemon trees. More than 1,300,000 plants grow there.

As the company explains, this irrigation system is “ecological and respectful of nature since it does not consume energy at any time during the irrigation cycle”. La Moraleja filters and distributes 120,000 cubic meters of water per day.

Linked to its irrigation system, the company has also installed a system of solar panels which, initially, provide 10% of the annual electricity consumption of its industrial plant. In addition to this, they have contracted the company Eólica SA to supply 30% of electricity consumption in order to meet or even exceed the environmental standards required by Law 27.191, which establishes a “National Regime for the Promotion of use of renewable sources”. Energy intended for the production of electrical energy”.

Regarding its invoicing in December 2020, its turnover had reached 4,300 million pesos and its pre-tax profit was just over 950 million.

Another key issue for the company is that it is a strong employer in the province of Salta. According to public records, it has more than 800 employees and, at harvest time, it provides work for more than 1,500 people.

Its bank debt, according to BCRA records, amounts to 1,600 million pesos, 59% of the total contracted with Banco Galicia and 33% with Superville; the rest is split between credit institutions like Unicred, among others.

According to company records, the president of La Moraleja is Eduardo Raúl Harosteguy and its main directors are Anfrea Valeria Locasale and Roberto Hugo Puentes.

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