Kings League: Pique’s business riding Shakira’s media wave

After the resounding shootout of Shakira during session #53 of Bizarrap, Gerard Pique did not sit idly by.

In the early hours of this Wednesday, January 12, Pique wrote: “Tomorrow at 9 p.m. Chup Chup Kings League with all the presidents. Life can be wonderful.”

The tweet was a statement from the former Barcelona footballer to focus his energies, taking advantage of the media wave in which he is immersed to catapult the popularity of the Kings League, a company that fuses sport with the culture of video game.


Kings League is a 7-a-side football competition with 12 teams, which started on January 1 and revolutionizes Twitch, the platform par excellence for diffusion.

With the support of Ibai Llanos, partner of Spain’s most popular former footballer and streamer, this tournament was launched, featuring stars such as Iker Casillas, Sergio Kun Agüero, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, Raúl Tamudo and Joan Capdevilla.

Each team consists of twelve players. Ten of them were selected from a draft in which thousands of football players signed up. Players 11 and 12 arrive from invites.

Each team can invite two players and the only condition is that they are not federated. The number 11 is there throughout the season and the 12 can be changed every day.

The appeal of the Kings League is that it is a fusion between traditional football and the world of video games. Therefore, Pique appealed to the creativity of the fans to add different rules to the competition and one of the highlights is that before starting each match, the coaches choose an envelope with a letter inside.

This “secret weapon” can be used at any time during the match (only once) and gives the team that uses it an immediate advantage, which can be a penalty in favor, exclude a player from the match for a few minutes and even have the opportunity to double the goal scored by the team.

The rules have been voted on by fans and will be constantly evolving.

There are even more variations on traditional football: for example, the match is not kicked off from the center of the field, but rather, in the manner of water polo, players run from their own goal for first position. .

The cards, yes, are yellow and red, although the first warning also carries a two-minute suspension.

Coaches and referees always wear a microphone and their conversations can be heard during the game. In addition, the interventions of the VAR referees are heard at all times.

Once the regular season is over, the top eight teams will contest the playoffs and it will all culminate in a spectacular Final Four on March 26. The meetings will last forty minutes, divided into two parts of twenty.

There is also no draw in the Kings League. The matches always have a winner, because if the 40 minutes end and there is a tie, the match is resolved with penalties.

Now these are not traditional penalties, they are 90s MLS style. i.e. the outfielder comes out of midfield with the ball under control and runs towards the goal to tackle the keeper beginning. Without a doubt, a creative version of football.

The Kings League will have two tournaments, one in winter and one in summer, lasting 11 days each.


Without a doubt, Pique is profiting from the whole scandal with Shakira towards the Kings League, which is his current virtual job.

Somehow, the media coverage for her turned her towards popularity in this league.

So far, the result is a success. All matches are streamed on Twitch and in the first match of the tournament, some 600,000 people watched the game. It was a 6 hour and 52 minute transmission.

According to data from Mauricio Cabrera, creator of the newsletter muffinsthe Kings League had 8 of the 10 most watched streams on Twitch.

In addition, on TikTok, during the first day of the tournament, an average of 1.9 million views were generated per post for each of the 18 publications made.

The numbers are gigantic and it’s only just beginning.

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