Thanks to culture in Alcoy

Alcoy lived on the night of this Thursday a evening dedicated to the recognition of the impulse to the various cultural and artistic manifestationss in the city, with the celebration of the first gala of the Ciutat d’Alcoi Culture Award. The nomination was new in itself, but not exactly in its content, since it served to bring together, in the same meeting, the winners of the latest editions of already existing prizeseven if also, yes, it was done presentation for the first time of a distinction in a whole career.

Thus, during this gala, the Ciutat d’Alcoi de Novel la Isabel-Clara Simó awards corresponding to the 2020 and 2021 editions were awarded, as well as the Pep Cortés Theater Awards 2020 and 2021and the rewards launcher of creation and research in contemporary arts, corresponding in this case to the 2019 and 2021 editions. With them, a Honor Award along a whole trajectory. In this way they wanted to give more packaging for the various literary, theatrical and cultural research competitions organized by the city council, and with it to influence Alcoy’s strong commitment to culture, with a clear vocation of continuity. The meeting took place at IVAM EVERY Alcoy.

Public attending the gala at the IVAM CADA Alcoi. LUCIO ABAD

The idea of ​​celebrating this gala, as already explained by municipal sources when these awards were announced, supposes the culmination of a process that began once the year of the Cultural Capital of Alcoy ended in 2021. The Councilor for Culture, Raul Llopispointed out that the appointment was “public recognition” to the winners of the various competitions, as well as honorary recognition. The city, he added, “is culture generator, with great artists and creators according to different modalities”, these prices will therefore mean “an added value”.

The evening was hosted by journalist Daniel Moltó and had the performances by singer Neus Ferriwho presented his new album “Llar”, and the trombone quartet Alcoi Slide Quartet. The winners of the Isabel-Clara Simó novel prizes were Natàlia Gisbert and Sebastià Carratalà, respectively for the 2020 and 2021 editions; For its part, the Pep Cortés Theater Awards went to Paco Romeu and David Sanchez Pachecoalso in the respective 2020 and 2021 editions.

Regarding the Llançadora awards, in the 2019 edition the distinction was for Estela Tormo, Edu Comelles and Monica Joverwhile those of 2021 have been for Luisa Pastor, Ferran Gisbert and Paloma Orts. Ultimately, the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award was given to dancer Isaac Monllor Mira.


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