Hidalgo Culture Initiative of the “Sister Municipalities” and begins with Mixquiahuala – NEWSHIDALGO

PACHUCA DE SOTO, JAN 17 /HIDALGO NEWS/.- The Ministry of Culture, headed by Tania Meza Escorza, presented the initiative of sister municipalities with the aim of promoting and disseminating the cultural wealth of Hidalgo through days of activities at the Cultural Center of the Railway.

The state agency will exhibit the cultural offer of the municipalities of Hidalgo and will start with Mixquiahuala de Juárez, for which it will participate with its crafts, gastronomy, music and dance.

“It is an exercise in dissemination and cultural exchange, we started with Mixquiahuala because it was the municipality that presented this idea to us and because it has a very strong cultural commitment, in addition to being the land of great artists, it is one of the most representative and has a significant budgetary allocation in the cultural field,” Tania Meza told a press conference.

José Ramón Amieva Gálvez, Municipal President of Mixquiahuala, also participated in the event, who assured that it is a source of pride and gratitude that the petition addressed to the Secretary of Culture materializes.

“It takes a civil servant who is sensitive, inclusive, democratized and proud of their state’s culture to bring these ideas to fruition. Brother Municipalities means culture is how we should manifest and build community; the brotherhood is formed in a scheme of equality between municipalities where all manifestations and cultural spaces are of the utmost importance,” commented Amieva Gálvez.

The Railway Cultural Center will open its doors to the general public to discover the cultural offer of Mixquiahuala de Juárez, next Saturday, January 21, from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Access to the cultural center will be free and the program of activities includes craft sales and a gourmet sampling of boozy enchiladas, corn snacks and artisanal ice cream, to name a few; presentations by the Mixquiahuala Children’s and Youth Choir, the Mizquiyahualli Folklore Ballet, a photography exhibition, a theater play and the Grupo de Concheros, as well as the Science Bus with its reading room and astronomy, biology activities , physics and chemistry .

According to the Secretary of Culture, Tania Meza Escorza, there are already other confirmed offers to participate in the sister municipalities and some will even arrive at the Railway Cultural Center by region due to budgetary problems.

“It is an idea that has been very well received by municipal governments, mainly by those who have not had the opportunity to present their cultural offer beyond their municipalities”, he explained.

Finally, he assured that Brother Municipalities is part of the work strategy aimed at decentralizing the cultural offer, since as Governor Julio Menchaca Salazar ordered: culture comes first for the people.

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