5 Korean dramas that will encourage you to practice your favorite sport

If you want to start practicing a sport but you still haven’t found enough inspiration you must know there’s too much dramas who can help you on this subject, in order to continue to feed your fascination for k-dramas we bring you a list with some korean dramas it will encourage you to practice what you love the most.

If you are not used to exercising, start practicing some sport This may be a topic you think about a lot, however, there are a few korean dramas that once you start seeing them, they’ll start encouraging you to try something new.

In the same way, you should know that it is never too late to learn something, so you can always start practicing your sport favorite and these dramas they will give you the first nudge to encourage you to do so.

These Korean dramas will make you want to practice your favorite sport


It is one of k-dramas which are based on what is probably the sport most popular among many people and that is to be cheerleaders. In ‘Cheer Up’, we will be able to see the story of Yeonhee University student Do Hae Yi, who suddenly joins the cheerleading team, so she will go through various situations while constantly trying to financially support her family and the cheerleading. team.


“Fight for My Way”

One of korean dramas that you can’t miss is “Fight For My Way” as Park Seo Joon can be seen practicing a sport like boxing, who after retiring discovers that his passion hasn’t changed at all, which could inspire him to practice it again.

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“The Badminton Boys”

‘The Badminton Boys’ is another of dramas that will encourage you to start training your sport favorite, we will see how the performance of a rather bad high school badminton team that is coached by the legendary Ra Young Ja grows.

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‘Swinging clamp’

Con ‘Thumping Spike’ no solo veremos a un equipo de voleibol que busca llegar al éxito, sino que sus jugadores pasaran por distintas situaciones entre las cuales se encuentran amores y desamores, esto mientras van creando lazos más fuertes entre ellos y aprenden a trabajar en team. It is one of korean dramas which cannot be missing from the list.

korean dramas to start practicing a sport

“Prison Booklet”

Another of k-dramas that for nothing in the world you can lose if we talk about sport It’s ‘Prison Playbook’, this one not only has a hint of dark humor, we also see Je Hyuk, a popular baseball player who is sentenced to prison after defending his little sister from her attacker. In order not to remain inactive, he continues to practice even in prison while we see his story and that of other inmates.

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The korean dramas They will always be a good option for entertainment, as well as inspiration, so these dramas They will certainly make you want to start practicing your sport favorite, tell us which of these k-dramas Is your favorite.


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