Daughter renounces inheritance from family diamond business to become a nun

Devanshi Sanghvi is an eight-year-old girl of Indian descent who this week gave up a million-dollar inheritance to join a strict religious order of the Jain faith. The young woman would become the owner of the jewelry sanghvi and son, located in Surat —western India—. The company is known locally as The city of diamondsbecause of its importance in the global gem trade. However, the young girl chose to follow the doctrine she practices at home: Jainism.

This was announced by the family of the young woman, who has already held its admission ceremonyappointed diksha. It lasted a total of four days during which he was seen in an elephant-drawn carriage. The celebration culminated this Wednesday when he arrived at a Jaina temple and He then changed his elaborate clothes to a simpler white garment in cotton.

This ceremony is celebrated for symbolize the abandonment of material possessions and access, thus, to Jain monasticism. And, in the case of Devanshi, it is one of the youngest to access this way of life. In this sense, the young girl “has never seen television, nor cinema nor frequented shopping centers and restaurants”, assured a close family member to the media. In addition, his parents assured that he was eager to move on to the life of worship.

The City of Diamonds

If I hadn’t chosen this path, Devanshi Sanghvi would have inherited the family business in a few years: the jeweller’s sanghvi and sonalso known as The city of diamonds. The company, founded in 1981, is one of the oldest diamond manufacturing companies in the region. And, according to credit rating agency ICRA, he has a net worth of around $60 million.

Devanshi’s father, Dhanesh Sanghvi, is the only son of company owner Mohan Sanghvi. And, like the young woman, his mother and sister lead a sober life, despite the family heritage. Moreover, many followers of this religion in India – who number four million – they trade.

What is Jainism?

Jainism is a religion founded in India before the Christian era, in the 6th century. His worship is not directed towards any god, but seeks to bring the conscience and the soul to a state of divinity and liberation. The defenders of non-violence, a strict style of veganism, asceticism and love for all creatures.

However, some of their ritual practices have been criticized. This is the case of extreme fasting. Nail A 13-year-old girl died in 2016 for performing this rite as penance and for which he was only allowed to drink hot water twice a day.

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