“The Fighters”, the new French drama that has captivated Netflix users

The story of four women whose lives intersect as the First World War rages on. (Netflix)

Netflix has released a new French mini-series titled The fighters. The wartime production surrounds the lives of four different women, whose stories have become intertwined as they have faced the repercussions of war together. The project consists of eight episodes that last about 50 minutes and since its premiere a few days ago, it has become one of the most popular titles on the streaming service.

In a way, the series pays homage to the countless women who broke free from their gender roles to serve their country vicariously. As men were called to the battlefield, they took on the responsibility of managing fields, factories, and hospitals. The story also explores romantic and war drama. The audience gets the chance to cheer the characters together and on each adventure they can’t get out of their seats.

Eight episodes includes the first season.  (Netflix)
Eight episodes includes the first season. (Netflix)

This project, set in the First World War, stars Julie de Bona, Audrey Fleurot, Camille Lou, Sofia Essaïdi, Sandrine Bonnaire, Tchéky Karyo, Laurent Gerra, Tom Leeb, Yannick Choirat, Grégoire Colin, Vincent Rottiers, Florence Loiret Caille , Maxence Danet. -Fauvel, Eden Ducourant, Pascal Houdus, Michaël Vander-Meiren, Stacy Grewis Belotti, Emmanuelle Bouaziz and Bérénice Ouédraogo, among other actors.

The program is created by Cécile Lorne and directed by Alexandre Laurent. Produced by Marc Brégain and Iris Bucher, the series was first broadcast on RTS in Switzerland, La Une in Belgium and TF1 in France before making its way to Netflix. The first episode of this series begins with a brief introduction to the consequences of war.

The story takes place during the First World War.  (Netflix)
The story takes place during the First World War. (Netflix)

It all goes back to the year 1914, when France had been at war for over a month. At first it was hoped that the war would be short. But the opening chapter shows that the war ended up killing over 300,000 soldiers. The French army fought the enemies at Saint Paulin, Vosges, to prevent the Germans from invading Paris.

Portraying women in a period drama often means there is a tone of apology for oppression due to the era it is based on. However, for some scholars, The fighters he distances himself from this story of commiseration and strives to find a solution for his characters. Even if they have to rush. Without wasting time on the introduction, this series gets straight to the heart of the plot.

The series stars Audrey Fleurot.  (Netflix)
The series stars Audrey Fleurot. (Netflix)

This production has elements of drama, action, emotion and romance. Plus, it does a great job detailing the brutalities suffered during the war. The symbolism, the subtle rebuke of hypocrisy in war, and the depiction of female experience make for a dynamic and entertaining story.

There is a visual language in this TV show that moves away from the male gaze and focuses on turning nudity and intimacy into functional plot elements. The actors and writers don’t shy away from writing progressive historical stories and even manage to include something bizarre in the plot. It is perhaps for all the above that in a short time it has become one of the most commented productions on Netflix.

The first season of The fighters can be enjoyed via Netflix.

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