Health workers are builders of the social fabric: CEDH

MORELIA, Mich., January 22, 2023.- The State Ombudsman, Dr. Marco Antonio Tinoco Álvarez, and the union leader of the XX Michoacán section of the SNTSS, Dr. Juan Gerardo García González, chaired the workshop given by the staff of the State Law Commission on Human Rights, entitled: “Rights and obligations in the field of public health”.

According to a press release, Tinoco Álvarez, President of the ECHR, during his conference “The role of civil society groups in the respect and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms”, affirmed that the workers and health care providers are custodians of the entire battery of human rights as “builders of peace and social fabric”.

He indicated that the Constitution of Durango is the only one in the country that today establishes the human right to peace. “You promote the right to health, to life, to personal integrity, and what do you think promotes peace? It’s not just the absence of conflict, it’s social integration. What you do in your daily work is to generate citizenship and rebuild the social fabric”.

And he added that “you are responsible for taking care of life. Notice how important it is for you, in your union, to have the vision that you are transformers and makers of public policy. Your union is not only concerned with benefits, but also with the promotion of a way of life.

The other two subjects taught were: “The protection of personal data in the health sector” by Dr. Irma Nora Valencia, as well as “The ABCs of human rights in the field of health” by the teacher Julio Cesar Bermudez Paz.

Dr. Juan Gerardo García González invited trainers to replicate the workshop on campuses in Lázaro Cárdenas, Uruapan, Zamora, and Zitácuaro. He recognized the importance of training on these issues for the benefit not only of service providers and their members, but also for it to result in better service and better care for beneficiaries.

The general objective of the workshop is inserted in the framework of agenda number six (which is part of the thirteen priority legal agendas which govern all the actions of this Commission), in the light of number 3 of the Objectives United Nations Sustainable Development Plan and the ECHR Institutional Development Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

The workshop also proposes to achieve the necessary synergies that allow members to know in depth what their constitutional and conventional obligations are as workers in the health sector regarding the right to enjoy the highest possible level of physical, mental and social health. of the beneficiary population. , placing particular emphasis on the right to prior, free and informed consultation of patients before any possible medical treatment, surgical intervention or rehabilitation or habilitation therapy, as well as the clinical file, conscientious objection, protection of personal data in the health sector and the role of civil society groups in respecting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Among the specific objectives, the workshop aims to achieve a culture of quality and warmth for the beneficiaries.

It should be noted that the workshop was held in person and virtually, allowing around a hundred union members to attend.

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