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At this stage, the films and series where the Technology perfectly reproduces the human capacities, They ceased to be fiction and became our present. Today, technology in general is present in many aspects of our daily lives, as is the case with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The best thing is that AI is now within the reach of everyone who owns an electronic device, since projects have been developed that are open to the general public, such as being able to generate drawings by simply entering a word or a phrasing. .

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What is AI?

artificial intelligence is the Technology what makes that computers Reply them abilities that we do beings humanssuch as seeing, reasoning, understanding, translating spoken and written language, and analyzing vast amounts of data that exceed the amount that humans can examine. AI encompasses various disciplines, ranging from computingdata analysis, neurosciencelinguistics, philosophy and psychology.

There are currently a variety of AI apps in various fields, such as virtual assistants Alexa, Siri That is Cortana; in Logistics and transport to avoid traffic jams and optimize traffic; in finance help banks detect fraud; and in Health for data collection and identify factors that could develop a disease.

With the rise of web pages and applications that generate drawings with artificial intelligence, the debate has been opened on the question of whether this would replace artists and illustrators, because even an illustration made by an AI, won a contest at a state fair in Colorado, United States. The book titled “Opera Theater Space» was created with mid Road, a program that generates images from a textual description. This decision caused a stir, opening the debate on the possible replacement of artists by AI.

In the medical field, AI He was very helpful in finding and analyze medical data, which are used to uncover insights that bring about new improvements in health outcomes for patients. He also made great contributions to the image analysis (scans, x-rays, MRI) and clinical decisions.

How does an artificial intelligence learn?

This technology learns throughmachine learning That is “machine learning”which works with algorithms which allows the computers recognize patterns which are in the form of big data and in this way make predictions; which allows the computer to perform the tasks.

Abilities that the AI ​​cannot replicate

  • Empathy: Technology can replicate verbal, textual and visual communication, which can be used in customer service, but the ability of human beings to empathize with the customer and do emotion-based communication makes a difference when it comes to customer service. It’s about differentiating yourself from an understood customer to a dissatisfied one.
  • Leadership: management in the growth of human groups and the recovery of the members of an organization, are advanced actions that this technology cannot replace.
  • Creativity: Although AI has been tasked with creating spectacular creations, it does so by learning through historical records and does not have the same level of productive innovation as art made by humans.

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