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Remember that in the afternoons in Xalapa you cannot miss the cultural activities that the city offersa few days ago we introduced you to some of the cafes you could visit in the historic center, now we will show you the list of activities so that at the end of your experience or before entering an activity , you can have a coffee.

In company of your family or if you want to go out for a moment aloneas you wish and order, the options we are going to present to you they are for all agesfrom the plays to the awards ceremony, in Xalapa they will say goodbye to the first month of 2023 having fun in the different places of the city.

If you still can’t find them all, we can show youFor example, there is La Casa Doña Falla or the Music Museum of Veracruz, the Municipal Initiative of Art and Culture (IMAC), the JJ Herrera Theater, the Casa de Xalapa Museum, the Xalapeño Leisure Center and open spaces such as Juárez Park and the Xallitic Quarter.

If you are interested in visiting awe will show you right away, in addition to the notice board, also the address where they are located so that it is easier for you to reach them, remember that in some places you can also participate in the workshops that they offer.

What is the bulletin board of cultural activities that Xalapa offers?

Let’s start in the center of town, one of Xalapa’s excellent open spaces and landmark, Juárez Park.

Open spaces


From Tuesday to Sundayfrom 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., exhibition of the Franciscan Convent of Xalapa 1531-1886

Juarez Park Sunday Family

sunday 2912:00 p.m., clown show and Tlanextli folk ballet, free entry

JJ Herrera Theater

Calle Miguel Palacios #12 in the center of Xalapa

friday 277:00 p.m., Dance show entitled “De canto, tierra yviento”, general admission 80 pesos

saturday 286:00 p.m., Dance and theater show “The Dream of the Turtle and other African tales”, entry for children 50 pesos, adults 100 pesos


Avenida Ruiz Cortines without number in the Represa del Carmen neighborhood

IMAC basement workshops

Danzón, Aztlán ballet (basic section) and folk dance More information on telephones 2286 03 45 67 and 2287 76 75 95

sunday 284:00 p.m., XXV “Mexico in Your Hands” award ceremony, free admission

Veracruz Music Museum (Casa Doña Falla)

Calle Salvador Díaz Mirón #21 in the center of Xalapa

saturday 285:00 p.m., Recital by the string quartet and harp Kevin Zabdiel, free admission

sunday 295 p.m., SEV guitar recital, free admission

Xalapeño Recreation Center

Illustrious Xalapeños Street #31 in the center of Xalapa

Saturday workshops

Chess10:00 a.m., reports to 2282 87 50 45

musical initiation11:00 a.m., the recorder reports to 2281 48 88 14

toy making9:00 a.m., reports to 2289 79 07 79

culture loves10:00 a.m., Zapateado, Son Jarocho, Jarana, Leones, Requinto and loom, report back to 1182 12 61 97

Painting4:00 p.m., reports to 99 83 67 95 67


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