How much money does Claudia Balderas have, a senator from Morena who wears a mark and is accused of not paying rent

Claudia Balderas has been involved in the controversy in recent days. (Infobase)

Claudia Balderas Espinoza has been involved in various controversialthe most recent have been characterized by highlight the contrasts of the senator in his lifestyle.

Legislator multi-member of the official party BrunetteBalderas Espinoza is Close to Ricardo Monreal’s grouppresident of the bench in the Senate of the Republic and candidate for the presidency of the Republic.

With little political experience, Claudia Balderas rose through the ranks of the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to take a seat. He presented 25 initiatives in more than four years of legislative work, none of them have been approved, 21 pending and four rejected.

But it was not for her political work that the name of Claudia Balderas was revealed, but for her polemics.

Most recent: A woman identified as Norma Luz Ochoa Chávez accused lawmakers of owe you six months rentby adding a debt of 200 thousand pesos. The person affected also assures that the senator refused to leave the propertywhose contract, he says, ended in September last year.

Claudia Balderas, for her part, denied everything, assuring that paid the rent month by month and that it is a try to extort him.

Balderas and Ricardo Monreal, his coordinator in the Senate.  (Archive)
Balderas and Ricardo Monreal, his coordinator in the Senate. (Archive)

Given this scenario, at Infobae México we have looked at the asset declaration that Senator de Morena presented to the Congressional Comptroller.

Dated May 13, 2022, the three-page document states that Claudia Balderas He has nothing: no houses, no apartments, no land, no cars, no jewelry, no other material possessions.At least not in his name.

In each of the elements presented in the asset declaration –goods, Vehicles Yes personal property-, the legislator added the caption “neither”.

He did the same in the section debts, loanssupports and Advantages, representation, Principal clients, private benefits Yes trusts.

He only added his annual revenue: one million 273 thousand 623 pesos of her salary as a senator, that is to say just over 106,000 pesos per month. and a payroll bank account of which he gave no further details.

In addition, in the section “participation in companies, societies or associations“, the legislator left the field empty and did not put the legend “none” as in the previous cases, which suggests that he has decided not to go public this part of your net worth statement.

Her landlady assures that the senator is a lover of luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry and Gucci.  (Infobase)
Her landlady assures that the senator is a lover of luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry and Gucci. (Infobase)

This “on paper” austerity that Claudia Balderas registers in her declaration of assets contrasts with the lifestyle that she publishes on social networks and in plenary session of the Senate of the Republic.

Senator de Morena regularly wears designer clothesclothes Balenciaga, Burberry That is guccito name a few, the costs of which can reach several thousands -same hundreds of thousandspesos.

This was used by Norma Luz Ochoa Chávez to demand payment of the debt from Balderas Espinoza, who paid 35 thousand pesos per month for said property.

“Lover of luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry and Gucci, Claudia Balderas spends thousands of pesos on clothes, but she does not pay the rent for months of the house in which she already lives illegally, because 6 months ago , I asked her to put it back and she stopped paying instead, ”wrote the person concerned on his Twitter account.

It seems that for some 4T politicians it is difficult for them to follow the mandate of López Obrador when he said: “We must seek austerity, buy what we need, not consume in an unhealthy way, if we have already shoes, why not? if you already have the essential clothes, just that; If you can have a modest vehicle for transportation, why luxury?

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