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La Paz, Baja California Sur, (OEM-Informex) the population must be made aware of the importance of adopting measures that strengthen the functioning of their organization, said the head of the entity, Zazil Flores Aldape.

During the reception of the medical interns who will ensure their social service this year in the health centers of the five municipalities, the official called on them to exercise their knowledge in all humanism, so as to intervene in a timely manner to those who Requirement. they need, but he also urged them to reach out to communities to promote a culture of self-care that empowers people to make decisions that support their well-being.

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Accompanied by the Deputy Director of Education and Quality, Fireth Pozo Beltrán, Flores Aldape pointed out that in this state administration, headed by Governor Víctor Castro Cosío, preventive health is a priority because it is essential to improve the quality and life expectancy of people by establishing that it is preferable to encourage patients to limit the consumption of high-calorie foods, rather than having to start treatments to control diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

This preventive thinking is promoted in the 55 health centers distributed in the five municipalities of the entity, where all Southern Californians and Southern Californians who are unsafe can go for check-up consultations, carry out rapid tests and screenings that identify risk factors. for the diseases and to receive advice on the measures that can be adopted to avoid the incidence of the diseases, he underlined.

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In addition to promoting basic hygiene measures that contribute to the prevention of acute diarrheal and respiratory diseases, physicians must provide health education to users, so that they adopt lifestyle habits that reduce the risk of suffering oral, sexually transmitted, metabolic, heart, kidney and other diseases that jeopardize their future, he concluded.


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